12 November 2020

For its third year, Orange Bank is reinventing the banking experience with a new generation of bank cards and a unique offer for families

The new generation Mastercard: new uses, enhanced services, more security, new design.

Developed with Mastercard, the new Orange Bank cards offer innovation focused on new digital uses, accessible from the app: modification of the card’s PIN code at any time, strong authentication of online payments, simplified online purchases with a copy and paste function for the card number.
And, as previously: real-time balance, mobile payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay, immediate transfer, blocking / unblocking and activating the card from the app.

The Premium card is enriched with new services including purchase insurance and extended warranties. It also offers access to the Mastercard Travel Rewards (worldwide cashback) and Mastercard Priceless Cities (access to exclusive offers) benefit programmes.
And, as previously: free payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world and an exclusive 5% cashback on Orange purchases and invoices.

And so you never lose sight of them, the new Orange Bank cards are recognisable day and night.

The Premium Pack, a new banking experience to help children grow up and reassure parents.

According to the Afterbanking Observatory*, children receive their pocket money mainly in cash: 83% for primary school students with €25 / month on average and 71% for secondary school students with €42 / month on average. And yet they have their first mobile from 10 years old. Based on the observation that 10 to 18-year olds are largely forgotten by digital banking offers, Orange Bank has designed the Premium Pack.

The parent has a Premium card and can create accounts for their children, from 10-years old and up to 5 children. Children are completely autonomous with a card in their name and an app of their own. The parent is able to progressively support their children as they learn to use the service: setting a means of payment, spending caps, notifications and transfers for pocket money.

Children, on the other hand, can create piggy banks to learn how to save money. There is no risk of bad surprises with the balance in real time, no overdraft possibility, the ability to block and unblock the card in case of loss and, of course, there are no fees. As a bonus, children also benefit from their parent's Premium advantages - purchasing and travel insurance, Orange purchase cashback and free withdrawals and payments anywhere in the world.

From November 19, the new Standard and Premium cards as well as the Premium Pack will be available for subscription in Orange stores in France and on orangebank.fr at prices of:
- Standard Card: €0 / month if there is at least one payment or withdrawal per month
- Premium card: €4.99 / month for 6 months then €7.99 / month
- Premium Pack: €9.99 / month for 6 months then €12.99 / month
And for current customers, they will receive their new card by the end of January 2021.

"Orange Bank's value strategy is being deployed with these new offers: ever more innovation and ever closer proximity to Orange, which already supports nearly half of French families."
Paul de Leusse, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Bank.
"To promote the digitalisation of banking for the youngest, we are revolutionising the mobile banking experience with an offer truly designed for the family. Our ambition is to make Orange Bank the bank for the whole family."
Stéphane Vallois, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Orange Bank.

*Source: After Banking, Opinionway 2020 study

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12/11/2020 10:37 CET