15 September 2020

“At Orange you can”: the campaign that opens a window into working life at Orange

In response to the significant technological and societal shifts currently affecting work, Orange is planning for the future configuration of the company. With the “At Orange you can” campaign, the Group is addressing the diversity of its jobs and its career paths, as well as its employees’ work-life balance.

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. In just a few years, the Group has significantly diversified its activities to become a leading player in digital, AI, data and cybersecurity. Orange faces numerous challenges, including the “skills challenge”, which it aims to tackle by hiring diverse, highly-qualified candidates and supporting employees’ development throughout their careers.

The campaign was launched today in 9 countries1 in the press and on social media. It targets recent graduates and young professionals looking for a career path aligned with their values.

“At Orange you can”: the campaign that opens a window into working life at Orange
“At Orange you can”: the campaign that opens a window into working life at Orange

Orange employees are also directly involved in the campaign on social media, providing a window into working-life in the company. With #LifeAtOrange, they are sharing how they do their jobs and how they balance their professional and personal lives.

Commenting on the campaign, Béatrice Mandine, Executive Director Communications, Brand and Engagement at Orange, said, “This campaign puts our missions and the challenges they involve, as well as life at Orange, in the spotlight. It highlights our work on inclusion, our unwavering commitment to equality and work-life balance, and our international approach. We are targeting the “AND” generation, a generation that wants to live out its values and achieve professional fulfilment.”

For Gervais Pellissier, Delegate CEO, Director Human Resources and Group Transformation: “At Orange, our business is changing and the people we hire today will shape the Group in the years to come. Since 2019, Orange has hired 15,000 new employees globally on long-term contracts; a third of these are under 26-years old. In joining Orange, these new recruits will share a common mission: to participate in building a more responsible digital world.”

For more information on Orange careers and job openings, go to https://orange.jobs

1 Egypt, Spain, France, Mauritius, India, Morocco, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia

15/09/2020 10:31 CEST