10 December 2019

Transactions carried out as part of a share buyback program and outside of a liquidity contract

Orange announces that it has purchased treasury shares within the framework of its 2019 share buyback program.

These shares have been acquired to honour obligations related to the “Orange Vision 2020” free shares award plan and the long term incentive plan for key managers (free allocation of performance shares). The 9.1 million shares “Orange Vision 2020” plan and the long term incentive plan, which are conditional on presence and performance, have been respectively proposed to all Group employees and key managers with the aim of sharing the benefits of the "Essentials2020" strategic plan across the Group.

Name of the issuer: Orange (LEI: 969500MCOONR8990S771)
References of the share buyback program: A description of the program authorised by the Shareholders’ General Meeting held on 21 May 2019 (15th resolution) can be found in Orange’s 2018 registration document
Securities identifying code: Ordinary shares (ISIN: 0000133308), listed on Euronext Paris / Compartment A (MIC: XPAR)
Start date of the program: The 15th resolution of the shareholders’ general meeting held on 21 May 2019 was activated at the Board of Directors meeting on 21 May 2019

Cash purchases of shares from 5th to 6th December 2019:

Trading date

Type of transaction

Number of shares

Daily weighted average purchase price (€)

Amount (€)

05 December 2019




16,859,855.00 €

06 December 2019









27,242,532.61 €

None of these shares were purchased as part of a share liquidity contract. Detailed information on these transactions may be found on the Orange website (https://www.orange.com/en/Investors/Regulated-information).

10/12/2019 13:00 CET