13 February 2019

Update of Orange’s liquidity contract

Orange and Rothschild Martin Maurel have signed on 11 February a revised liquidity contract.


This new liquidity contract has been entered into further to changes in regulation regarding liquidity contracts, and inter alia decision of the French financial market authority (AMF) no. 2018-01 of 2 July 2018. It supersedes and replaces the previous liquidity contract entered into with Rothschild Martin Maurel in 2007.

Transactions under the liquidity contract will be traded on Euronext Paris trading platform.

As per the liquidity contract, cases or conditions leading to its suspension or termination are as follows:

Operations under the liquidity contract may be suspended in the cases provided for in article 5 of the AMF decision, and, upon request by Orange, for technical reasons such as the accounting of shares having voting rights before any shareholders general meeting or the accounting of shares before they are traded ex-dividend.

This liquidity contract may be terminated at any time by Orange or after prior notice by Rothschild Martin Maurel, as per termination provisions of the liquidity contract.

As at 11 February 2019, the following assets appeared on the liquidity account:

  • 37,393,500 euros,
  • 950,000 Orange shares.


13/02/2019 14:37 CET