12 March 2020

New horizons: support and democratize new uses

We continue to help customers discover new uses by offering unique and innovative experiences that leverage the power of our networks.


Virtual Reality apps

The redesign of the Orange VR Experience has resulted in two unique applications:

  • Immersive Now on mobile phones and tablets, which offers the best selection of immersive content.
  • Orange TV VR via a VR headset, which enables customers to access all Immersive Now content as well as Orange TV.

New features have also been added to take full advantage of the latest 5G capabilities. These will be deployed across the Orange 5G footprint in 2021 and 2022. 

 un homme avec un casque de réalité virtuelle



Orange has been supporting the Esport ecosystem since 2015. For fans, it offers high performing networks, optimal connectivity and a range of partnerships and events:

  • Sponsoring teams and competitions in Europe;
  • Organising its own competitions in Africa such as the Orange Esport Experience, which awarded several pan-African Esport champions in 2019 via two finals held in Cairo and Tunis. 

Orange continues to imagine new service concepts and explore this area of innovation by combining gaming, video content and social media.

e-sport manette de jeu en ligne


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