12 March 2020

New horizons: Virtual Reality and Esports

Every day, Orange identifies, supports and promotes technologies that will revolutionise the entertainment experience. We are particularly committed to the immersive experiences of virtual reality and eSports.


Virtual Reality

Through our involvement in virtual reality since 2016, we continue to support and democratise new uses by offering unique experiences made possible through our network capabilities. In 2017, we launched the Orange VR Experience application, available free of charge on app stores, which offers VR entertainment content.

 un homme avec un casque de réalité virtuelle



The appeal of Esports is increasing and now reaches millions of viewers. This mainstream entertainment therefore requires high performing networks and optimal connectivity.

Orange continues to support the real enthusiasm for Esports, and in 2019 organised the second Orange Esport Experience, a pan-African competition that brought together 12 countries and 36 of the continent’s champions for the final in Tunis. Beyond a competition, it is also a web platform for organising tournaments and promoting Esport champions across African countries.

e-sport manette de jeu en ligne


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