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The Memo

The Memo is a podcast that aims to decipher digital society through the lens of the media.

5G: Why is deployment causing so much controversy?

Back to Work: What’s next for post-lockdown workplaces ?

Is the "platform economy" benefiting from the lockdown?

Confinement : How can we bridge the digital divide?

Lockdown: How can we continue to socialise?

Cyberwarfare (1/3) : can phishing bring down big fish ?

Personal data: can we trust our smartphones? (2/2)

Can public services go completely paper free?

Cyberbullying : how to survive the digital playground?









Economy: are we going to end up buying everything online?

Social media: can speech be regulated online?

How long can culture survive lockdown measures?

Lockdown: Can all jobs become virtual?

Does lockdown mean unbridled screen-time?

Lockdown : how coronavirus fake news is causing an “info-demic”

5G: Why all the Fuss?

Personal data: can we trust our smartphones?

Environment: should we unplug the Internet?











My inspiration

My Inspiration podcast gives you the keys to developing your career.