The Social Hub, a new digital space with a window on the world

Inaugurated March 2015 at Orange’s Paris headquarters to mark the launch of #Essentiel2020, Orange’s new strategic plan, the Social Hub is a connected space that tracks social networks in real time.


This digital space allows the brand to listen to its audiences 24/7 to get a better understanding of what’s essential to them. This achievement is one more step in accelerating the company’s digital transformation.

With 18 screens and a round-the-clock staff of six, the Social Hub meets three fundamental objectives.

First, it provides feedback from Orange customers and opinion leaders to enable it to respond to them in a more personalized way. This feedback will also enhance the awareness of other internal Orange teams as they develop connected usage and solutions to new needs.

The Social Hub also tracks company announcements in the 29 countries where the brand has a presence, and optimizes digital campaigns.

Thirdly, the Social Hub is a collaborative space capable of hosting other Orange departments and allowing them to take advantage of the team’s know-how and the data visualization tools in this connected space.

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