Orange has signed agreements with Másmóvil to renew and extend its wholesale relationship, reinforcing the return on its network investments

Orange welcomes the signing of this new long-term value-creating agreements:

  • With these agreements Orange strengthen its positioning as #1 wholesale alternative player in spanish market.
  • Orange secures a long-term highly margin contributive business, total cash inflows above 1 Billion € over the period of the contract
  • Extension of FTTH agreement increases return on fixed infrastructure investments.
  • 5G national roaming agreement, complementary to the RAN sharing agreement signed with Vodafone earlier this year, ensures an efficient and profitable 5G roll-out.

The Agreements and their impact

  • FTTH
    • Extension of national contract exclusivity until 2039 (+8 years).
    • On the current Bitstream Service Agreement ( BSA) of 5.2 million lines:
      • Overall similar value of Fixed agreement vs. current contract
      • Risk profile improved as Másmóvil fees will be front loaded (1/3 of cumulated cash inflows received over 2020-2023 and the remainder on recurring basis) vs previous schemes (100% recurring revenues).
      • Option for Masmovil  to acquire IRU on this footprint after 2030 for an additional same amount as the initial upfront payment.
  • National Roaming Agreement (NRA), 14500 sites
    • Contract extension in time and in technology (+5 years, 2022/2028 and to 5G) drives increase of long-term value in spite of slightly lower minimum guaranteed.
    • Penalties in case of rupture by Másmóvil significantly increased.
    • Safety clauses for Orange: beyond 2023, if the weight of Másmóvil’s traffic increases, the NRA amount to be charged to Másmóvil will be adjusted accordingly.
  • 5G outside NRA, around 4000 sites
    • Service will be provided within exclusion zones of RAN sharing with Vodafone under NRA contract in Radio as a Service model : upfront fee per site in the 2 first years and then recurrent fee per site.
    • This enables us to deploy 5G faster at lower cost.

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