Open Innovation

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January 2016


Open innovation: developing innovative solutions by engaging with innovative ecosystems

Orange has set itself the goal of becoming the number one operator in the Internet era.
This implies systematising an open vision of innovation, which has long been inscribed in the Group's DNA.

Innovation at Orange is already designed for and around the customer. The Group's daily challenge is to offer the tools, services and advice that will make it possible to change customers' lives.

Startups, for their part, are at the leading edge of the new market developments. Their agility allows them to develop innovative services to meet short deadlines. Developers, whether they work for major companies, SSIIs, digital agencies or start-ups, are keen to optimise their development cycles using APIs so they can generate usage value for their applications and services.

The open innovation approach therefore makes it possible to rapidly develop novel solutions, which will draw on the best elements of the Orange network and offer clients innovations that are simpler and more intuitive, which focus on usage and respond to their needs for experience and information in real time. For the Group, it is lever of change and an accelerator of innovation for the benefit of its customers.

Innovations developed by start-ups anticipate changes in the digital world, especially in four areas that will turn business and personal life upside down: the Cloud and connected objects, augmented reality, big data and the ability to analyse and edit data rapidly.

For Orange, cooperative innovation should also form part of a win-win relationship. Orange is confident that open innovation and collaboration with start-ups will be beneficial for both start-ups and the Group.

Working with Orange allows start-ups and SMEs to:

The Group's open innovation policy is focused on the following levers: its strong involvement in research and innovation ecosystems; opening its assets to the developer ecosystem in the form of an API (Application Programming Interface) through its Orange Partner programme; support for start-ups, particularly through its Orange Fab accelerator and the Orange Digital Ventures investment division; the Orange Social Entrepreneur in Africa Prize; and last but not least Orange is proud to be advancing our knowledge of new digital world, explore their potential and encourage its partners' creativity while also assuming its responsibility towards society and its commitment to supporting economic development and job creation.

Researching and innovating

Orange is strongly involved in the global research and innovation ecosystem

Each of the Group's research and innovation centres is integrated into a geographic ecosystem of its own, as close as possible to the local markets, and works as part of a network with all local actors (start-ups, businesses, universities, research laboratories, etc.) as well as within international bodies and collaborative projects.

Orange is strongly involved in ecosystems:

  • Orange is a major player when it comes to joint research programmes and contributes to more than 80 collaborative projects, both in France (Single Interministerial Fund, the National Research Agency, Investing for the Future Programme) and at the European level (European Commission Seventh Framework Programme, EUREKA-CELTIC, Horizon 2020). In particular, the Group is part of public-private partnerships such as:
    • the "Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet" public-private partnership In December 2013, Ericsson, Orange, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia Solutions and Networks et SES, the founding members of the 5G Infrastructure Partnership Association, signed the "Advanced 5G network Infrastructure for the Future Internet" public-private partnership agreement with the European Commission. This European research project, which is part of the Horizon 2020 programme, is intended to define the infrastructure of the fixed and mobile communications networks for the next generation - 5G networks.
    • the Big Data public-private partnership. A memorandum of understanding was signed in October 2014 between the European Commission and Big Data Value, an association acting on behalf of digital companies including ATOS, Siemens and Orange, to push forward research on controlling the proliferation of data.

  • As part of the French Government’s Investing for the Future Programme, the Group is a member of two Technological Research Institutes (IRTs). It chairs the B-com IRT, which is working on ultra-high-speed fixed and mobile networks and future content and involves 20 SMEs, and contributes to the SystemX institute, which is conducting research on digital systems engineering.
  • Orange is involved in over 150 research partnerships with universities and public laboratories in France and worldwide. The Group is a founding member of the foundations of the Institut Mines-Télécom, the Supelec Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Cergy-Pontoise, the University of Rennes 1 and Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble. Outside of France, Orange has research partnerships with MIT, the University of Technology of Mauritius, ETH Zurich, Ben-Gourion University, RMIT University Melbourne, and many more. Orange also funds twelve university Chairs, one with the Polytechnique and Télécom Paris Tech for economics and regulation and another with the Institut Mines-Télécom and the Telecom Foundation on personal information values and policies.

  • It has also formed 60 research partnerships in the industrial sector to work with the most highly specialized actors to anticipate and measure the attractiveness of new products or services and accelerate time-to-market.

  • Orange is involved in 10 competitive clusters in France. These clusters are established to promote local synergies on the basis of innovative projects and, most notably, chairs the "Images et Réseaux" ("Images and Networks") cluster. These clusters enable Orange to foster the development of more than 3,000 digital start-ups and SMEs.

  • Orange is a stakeholder in many solutions for the New Industrial France and, along with the Images & Réseaux cluster, is spearheading the augmented reality plan for the smart object solution aimed at partnering with NUMA and all of the digital players to study new augmented reality services.
  • It also supports several Fab Labs, which are platforms for the rapid prototyping of physical objects, allowing large numbers of people from diverse backgrounds to make their ideas the reality by "doing it" themselves. Orange also is also behind the Fab Lab Thinging! in Grenoble and supports the Fac Lab in Cergy-Pontoise.

  • Orange Labs and Orange Silicon Valley also actively watch, or scout, to catch the latest trends and best initiatives coming out of Asia, the United States and Israel through immersed in local ecosystems and constantly interacting with local digital players like start-ups, companies, manufacturers and academics.
  • The Orange Institute is a global think tank with the objective of understanding and anticipating the rapid transformations provoked by digital innovations within our networked society. In order to anticipate these transformations, the Orange Institute facilitates conversations between opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and visionaries from all walks of life. The Institute organises "immersion and discovery workshops" in the main innovation clusters worldwide, such as Silicon Valley. These immersions encourage members - around forty executives from various companies and organisations - to reinvent their personal vision of these digital transformations. Strengthened by this education and these exchanges, they are more motivated to implement strategies and practices that are original, more current and more relevant.

Intellectual property management in the context of collaborative innovation

As of the end of June 2015, Orange had a portfolio of 6,950 patents and patents pending and over 2,200 types of software, some of which originated from joint research activities with its partners (start-ups, manufacturers, public and academic partners).

Each invention described in Orange's patents is in itself an opportunity for joint innovation with its partners to create new inventions, for example in the fields of communications services, multi-screen televisions, terminals or network intelligence.

Orange shares and develops its intellectual property in various ways: licensing agreements, participation in "patent pools" (groups of patent holders by technology), the transfer of ownership of innovative technologies or spin-offs.

Accelerating and developing

Orange Fab is Orange's international start-up accelerator network

At Orange, we know that starting a new company is truly challenging and that large Groups can play a major role in supporting start-ups at that crucial stage of development to help them become champions. That is why we have made a commitment to these start-ups and support them as they grow their businesses.
Backed by its international reach, in 2013 Orange created a start-up acceleration network called Orange Fab with two objectives: accelerating innovation for Orange customers and accelerating growth for start-ups.

The start-ups receive help with their marketing, business models, design and technologies from our worldwide experts, as well as mentors and more experienced digital entrepreneurs with a background in different areas of digital innovation.

With accelerators in the United States (Silicon Valley, March 2013), Europe (France, November 2013, Poland, February 2014, Spain, end of 2015), Asia (Japan, February 2014, South Korea and Taiwan in April 2014), the Middle East (Israel, September 2014, Jordan, July 2015) and Africa (Ivory Coast, September 2014), start-ups have access to a real international network rooted in highly active innovative ecosystems in 10 countries on four continents.

The Orange Fab programme welcomes 4 to 7 start-ups per country each season, and hosts 2 seasons each year. A total of 145 start-ups have already been accelerated and monitored by Orange (mid-November 2015).

The programme offers selected start-ups which have already developed their product or service three months of support to accelerate completion of their project. Depending on their level of maturity, they can also enjoy special access to distribution channels, resources, and Orange's local and international markets, and take part in internal and external events that provide international visibility and the opportunity to build relationships with investors, influencers, decision-makers and partners. In certain countries, eligible start-ups also receive funding in the form of convertible bonds. Ultimately innovation gets a boost, young digital economy talents gain maturity, and customers and end users benefit from the best technologies faster. Finally, depending on the country, dedicated or shared workspaces may be made available to them.

In all of the countries where they operate, the Orange Fabs work with industrial partners and major Groups to select the start-ups. The start-ups' projects and sales development benefit from these major players' distribution channels. These partnerships further enhance the effectiveness of the Orange Fab network. They spread the positive action of start-up acceleration to increasingly innovative business sectors.

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Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Singtel and Telefónica are currently collaborating in connection with their respective acceleration and start-up programmes

The start-ups selected by Orange Fab also have the advantage of a partnership between innovation-based structures at Singtel (Singtel Innov8), Orange (Orange Fab), Deutsche Telecom (hub:raum) and Telefónica (Telefónica Open Future).

The programme, which consists on putting the start-ups in contact with the innovation teams and business units of the other operators, also serves start-ups supported by the other partner operators. The objective is to capitalise on the portfolios of their respective programmes in order to enrich the innovative products and services that the operators offer their customers in the countries in which they are present, in Europe, Africa, Latin America, South-east Asia and the Middle East.

The operators can also help these young businesses to move to the next level by enabling them to access their markets, which represent over one billion potential customers, and thus contribute to the emergence of new European and global leaders. The start-ups can also access market studies, introductions to partners and the partners' co-working spaces.

In June 2015, Orange announced a partnership on start-up acceleration with South Korea's leading operator, KT Corp., and the G-CEIC, a South Korean government agency managed by KT, which helps start-ups and ICT companies develop internationally. Thanks to this partnership, the start-ups selected by Orange, KT and G-CEIC benefit from a range of programmes to support their international development.

Orange supports incubators in emerging economies

Start-ups play a key role in the social and economic development of emerging countries. They can create conditions that promote the emergence of future development models and new sectors of activity, the growth of markets and local businesses or regional development.

CTIC incubator in Dakar, Senegal
The role of the incubator is to implement a model and an ecosystem that favour the development and sustainable growth of businesses in the ICT sector. Sonatel, the Group subsidiary in Senegal, was a partner of the incubator from the outset and supports the "young shoots" incubated by offering to implement and fund the connectivity solutions that are vital to their activities.
Alongside the CTIC incubator, Sonatel has also contributed to the "Start-up Weekends" offered in Dakar Saint-Louis to raise awareness and encourage students and self-employed people to develop or strengthen their entrepreneurial culture.

Ebène incubator in Mauritius
This incubator for young application developers opened in July 2013 with a 28-hour competition involving 103 young developers. It is sponsored by 12 partners and Orange, under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

CIPMEN incubator in Niamey, Niger
CIPMEN was designed to support small and very small businesses from their launch until they reach an adequate level of maturity and profitability to ensure that they will be independent and sustainable. This structure is intended to help innovative SMEs to develop on a market where too few of them will see the light of day in between the informal sector and national or international businesses. The incubator welcomes businesses working in the economic sectors of the future, such as ICTs, renewable energy and the environment.

Orange partners up with NUMA Paris and the Nantes and Rennes digital canteens

Orange is a major player in open innovation initiatives through NUMA, Paris and the Rennes and Nantes digital canteens, with the aim of co-creating with start-ups and independent creators. Different people involved in innovation and entrepreneurship (researchers, engineers, developers, ergonomists and designers) from all kinds of backgrounds (start-ups, large companies, SMEs, universities) collaborate within these three digital canteens.

Orange, which has been supporting La Cantine numérique and Le Camping in Paris since their creation, has continued its approach with NUMA, the heart of innovation and the digital sector in Paris, which opened in November 2013.

Orange is a founding member and industrial partner of the centre. The Group contributes by providing financial support and offering its employees' expertise employees in research and innovation. NUMA presents an opportunity for Orange employees to develop within an open, burgeoning digital ecosystem, to exchange rare, varied skills and expertise and to work closely with Orange customers during meetings or events. This way of collaborating is a lever for transforming company culture and an accelerator for innovation by supporting start-ups.
Start-ups originating in the Orange technology spin-off might also be able to benefit from NUMA's support.

Orange opens its API to developers via Orange Partner to stimulate the creation of new services

By taking the gamble of opening up its assets to developers in small and large companies alike on a more industrial scale, Orange hopes to be able to offer its customers more innovative services.

Through its Orange Partner programme, the Group allows developers around the world to access its networks and key services. Since 2014, Orange has provided self-service access to 15 programming interfaces (API) on its core French services:

Identity, User Details, Direct Billing, Cloud, M2M, Search Toptrends, Orange Store Locator, Orange Wifi Locator, Orange Beacon and Datavenue. The text API is offered to smartphone app publishers or web clients targeting users in Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Guinea, Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal. Orange also offers its USSD and Billing APIs to developers in Egypt.

Orange promotes the services of partners that use its APIs on Orange Partner, and a selection of services through its sales points, portals and events.

A few examples:

In order to play an active role in the ecosystem, identify new cases of use of its services and promote its API within the developer community, Orange participates in and organises Hackathons and challenges. Orange brings together developers who are asked to create new services, websites or applications within a limited timeframe. In 2015, for example, Orange Partner took part in the Mobile Banking Factory Challenge with Crédit Agricole Store, PSA, Salesforce and Xee. The Group also supported the use of its SMS, USSD and Billing APIs with the AMEA Developers Challenge, held in France and 11 African and Middle Eastern countries. First prize went to FarmConnecta, which developed an information sharing and billing system for the farmers in Botswana.

Orange -
a signatory of the "PME innovantes" (Innovative SMEs") charter

In December 2012, Stéphane Richard signed the "PME innovantes" charter along with several other large enterprises in which the French State holds a stake, in order to promote innovative, exemplary purchasing in favour of SMEs. The Group has also undertaken to stimulate innovation for itself and for all of its suppliers and to help SMEs make their innovative plans a reality and make a decisive contribution to their future development.

In exchange, the signatories of the charter benefit from access to innovative technology and secure their supplies by strengthening their business partners.

Orange offers complete packages for start-ups and SMEs

On the small business market, Orange has launched Cloud pro, a service portfolio aimed at assisting entrepreneurs in their businesses. This offer is based on partnerships established with more than 25 Cloud software publishers and service providers, including both specialist start-ups and nationally or even internationally established players, such as Cégid or Microsoft and Google.
Cloud pro is a commercial success in France, Poland and Slovakia.
On the professional market, Orange, has also launched Paiement pro in France, in partnership with Ingenico. The service allows professionals to accept payments using a smartphone by connecting it to a card reader - a first on the market. This commitment-free, non-subscription service allows small professionals, business owners and associations to accept payments by bank card easily, regardless of the type of bank account they have.

Orange co-innovates with the Internet of Things ecosystem

In a world where the pace of innovation is getting faster, an open approach is crucial for generating more dialogue, increasing the potential of value creation and keeping development cycles to a minimum. The agile methods that underpin open innovation are powerful levers for acceleration and synergies. Orange's user-centric approach stems from guiding businesses through a co-design process to fulfil their interests by using the input and connected objects to improve operations and create new services.
With Datavenue, a set of data and IoT solutions and services that includes all of its best expertise in cloud computing, data and connected objects, Orange has plunged into co-innovation with its partners. The purpose of this continuous innovation cycle is also to enhance the Datavenue catalogue for companies, thereby ensuring they can access the most advanced solutions on the market.

Orange has also developed connectivity solutions to help connected object designers prototype their objects quickly and economically before industrialisation.
With the LoRa Kit, start-ups can develop and test services using the experimental LoRa networks deployed by Orange and on the Datavenue solution. With the 4G Kit for IoT, they can test their objects on Orange's 4G network. And with Pops, they enjoy a hardware and software platform for quickly developing industrial wearable solutions.

Orange provides consulting and mentoring in a number of fields including sales, location services and manufacturing, mainly through the Orange Supply Consulting's hardware support programme that it has already offered to two French start-ups (Smiirl in 2014 and Prizm in 2015) to help them find a manufacturer in Asia that meets their specifications and then assisted them in managing industrialization.
As part of its partnership with the Cité de l’Objet Connecté in Angers, Orange offers start-ups material support with products and services like the 4G Starter Kit, MyPlug, U-by, and in a broader sense Datavenue that are provided free of charge during the project incubation phase. It also provides skills and technological support.

Investing and financing

Orange invests in start-ups and the digital ecosystem directly or via investment funds

In order to anticipate technological revolutions, which are becoming more frequent, and to capitalise on all of the links it is forming with the digital world, Orange wishes to invest directly in the most promising start-ups, as it has already done with Deezer and Dailymotion. From the early stages through the growth stages, Orange will industrialise its commitment and increase its dedicated resources.

Orange Digital Ventures

Orange has launched a new investment vehicle, with a 20 million Euros available for its first year. Its mission is to finance fledgling companies from anywhere in the world whose innovations are transforming business for digital and telecoms operators.

Orange Digital Ventures is positioned to work with young companies in transition, between seed finance and institutional private equity players, a difficult moment known as the equity gap. In this way Orange meets a critical need, particularly in the French market, and helps ambitious start-ups transform their initial vision into economic success. Orange Digital Ventures typically invests between 1 and 3 million Euros in exchange for a minority capital holding in the start-up.

A dedicated team is tasked with identifying the entrepreneurs and meeting their needs for simplicity and responsiveness during this crucial stage of their company's development. In contrast to funds with mainly financial objectives, Orange Digital Ventures takes a more strategic approach, and seeks to catalyse growth. The priority is to enable ambitious entrepreneurs to turn their innovations into industrial breakthroughs and become key players in their market. For Orange this funding is an opportunity to improve Group intelligence gathering and anticipation for future services.

During its first year in existence, Orange Digital Ventures invested in 5 companies with strong growth potential: Afrimarket, the African cash-to-goods leader, Actility, a key player in the LoRa dedicated to connected objects, Chain, a pioneer on blockchain, a breakaway technology, AfroStream, the first sVoD designed for Africa, and Wynd, a French point of sale digitisation player.

Orange is involved in the French Tech initiative

The French Tech initiative, launched by the French government in 2013, aims to promote the emergence of start-ups and a more dynamic economy on an international level.

Orange supports the French Tech initiative and its stakeholders across France and is encouraging start-up development internationally by opening its Orange Fab programme up to the start-ups and through its own Orange Digital Ventures investment fund, as well as the funds it is a part of, including Iris Capital, Robolution Capital, and Ecomibilité Ventures.

The French Tech start-ups also benefit from the digital ecosystem leadership network of which Orange is a part, thanks to access to programmes like Numa and La Ruche. In addition to its own start-up support programmes in France, Orange also works with the French Tech certified cities - its Regional Divisions and dedicated innovation teams help foster the emergence of small, local innovative and digital companies.

Orange and Publicis with Iris Capital

In March 2012, Orange and Publicis co-founded one of the leading venture capital stakeholders in Europe in the digital sector by forging a partnership with Iris Capital Management. Orange and the Publicis Group are bringing a total of 150 million euros to this initiative (75 million euros per year over the coming 3 to 5 years). With a number of commitments from current investors, including the European Investment Fund and CDC Entreprises (Caisse des Dépôts Group), the total investment capacity exceeds 300 million euros. This initiative involves the creation of 3 funds, with the objective of investing solely in value-adding companies in the digital economy.
Furthermore, Orange and Publicis each hold a stake of 24.5% in Iris. OP Ventures aims to promote the emergence of future leaders of the digital economy by providing funding at various stages of their development.
One example of a success story: Lookout, with which Orange established a partnership in December 2012, thus investing in the future of mobile security and in one of the most innovative leading companies in the field of security and mobile terminal confidentiality.

Orange teams up with SNCF, Air Liquide, Michelin and Total on Ecomobilité Ventures

Orange, SNCF and Total came together in 2011 to create Ecomobilité Ventures, the first investment company in Europe supported by a group of major companies dedicated to sustainable mobility. Air Liquide and Michelin joined the fund in 2015.

Ecomobility Ventures has capital of 31 million euros at its disposal for investments in young, innovative businesses. This fund contributes to the development of new forms of sustainable mobility, which are stimulated by the rapid development of technologies and usage and draw on complementary expertise. Combining the capacity for innovation of young businesses with the expertise and experience of the Ecomobility Ventures partner manufacturers promotes the development of new, sustainable solutions.

Robolution Capital

Robolution Capital, the first investment fund dedicated exclusively to service robotics, is intended to contribute actively to the development of the sector in Europe, supporting specialised companies on the domestic and professional service robotics market through investment. The fund brings together industrial and institutional agents such as Orange, AG2R LA MONDIALE, EDF and Thales in addition to the European Investment Fund, Bpifrance and a number of individual investors.
In March 2014, Robolution Capital raised a total of 80 million euros at its first closing.


Founded in 1988, Innovacom is an independent capital risk company that uses equity capital to finance innovative societies at the point of their creation or during the start-up phase in the areas of components, materials, software and digital services.
The Technocom 2 start-up fund, financed by CDC Entreprises, together with Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Groupe Seb and Soitec, targets very young French companies specialising in applied digital technology in four particular areas: telecommunications, smart energy and smart homes, health and well-being, transport and smart cities.

Promoting and communicating

Orange - an events partner for start-ups

VIVA TECHNOLOGY, StartUp Connect / Paris 2016

Orange, like AXA, BNP Paribas, EY and Google, is a partner of VIVA TECHNOLOGY, created by the Publicis and Les Echos Groups. From 30 June to 2 July 2016, Viva Technology will bring all of the digital transformation stakeholders together in Paris. 5,000 start-ups will have the chance to work with tens of thousands of executives, investors, researchers and opinion leaders from around the world and help transform major companies.
This exceptional event will confirm France's leading role in the world of innovation and start-ups, and the last day will be open to the public. Find out more:

Hello Startup: an innovative show launched by Orange, BFM Business and BFM TV

Hello Startup is a weekly show, presented by Stéphane Soumier, which is aimed at helping French and European start-ups introduce themselves to customers, partners and investors. The programme, which was launched on March 7 2014, is an Orange initiative. Start-ups interested in being on the show can apply on the official website:

Orange: main partner of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge

This international competition is aimed at creating and developing a global interdisciplinary ecosystem to shatter the compartmentalisation of skills and place technology at the heart of the value creation process. It is intended to offer training, financial support and visibility to young people who want to become entrepreneurs. As the main partner of the challenge for the 2nd consecutive year, Orange provides financial support and, in particular, ensures that candidates receive mentoring. The Group will also be a member of the jury for the categories "energy/environment", "health", "IT/Telecommunications" and "transport/mobility" as well as the final jury.

Orange, partnering the Futur en Seine digital festival for the 6th consecutive year

Orange is a long-term partner of the Futur en Seine digital festival organised by Cap Digital. Through this partnership, Orange is more than ever before a major digital innovator, at the heart of its growth and differentiation, alongside start-ups and innovative companies.

Innovating for the benefit of individuals and society as a whole

Orange supports open innovation with a major social impact

Social innovation is at the heart of a new form of entrepreneurship, which connects financial independence, network-type operations and responses to social issues. The energy transition, the inclusion of vulnerable populations or those with disabilities, new forms of living together and exchanging information...these new entrepreneurs provide the answers of the future and draw on various technologies to bring them to life.

All over the world, men and women are engaged in various economic activities that serve humanity and society. They are providing true opportunities in terms of job creation on a local level, with an impact that could resonate more widely. Social entrepreneurship's ability to offer effective, innovative solutions for a wide variety of economic, social and environmental problems is now evident. Now, the challenge lies in the development of this new economy and the contributions that the public authorities and the private sphere can offer.

Orange encourages social entrepreneurship

Orange believes that the capacity for innovation is growing thanks to the wealth of interactions between players from various backgrounds.

Orange's strengths and expertise for the development of La Ruche
Orange has teamed up with La Ruche, a leading French social entrepreneurship player, to carry out a regional deployment of the tried-and tested Parisian model, which has proven its worth since 2008. Orange is supporting La Ruche's development through its strong regional network and the strengths of the 102,000 men and women working for the Group all over France. This approach includes help with installation fees, the provision of technological resources that are indispensable to the entrepreneurs' work, and the Orange employees' involvement and shared experience in managing Ma Ruche's local outposts.

5th Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneurship in Africa, 2015
Building on the success of the four previous editions, the Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneurship in Africa rewards entrepreneurs who offer products and services that use ICTs in an innovative way to respond to African people's needs in various fields such as healthcare, agriculture, education, energy, industry or commerce. In four years, more than 2,000 projects have been nominated for the Orange Prize for Social Entrepreneurship in Africa. This large-scale participation reflects the true entrepreneurial dynamic and potential of the African telecommunications sector.

The four 2015 prizewinners will receive financial support (€25,000, €15,000 and €10,000) and six months of support from professional entrepreneurs and ITC professionals and, as it did last year, Orange will offer the winner of first prize the opportunity to file a patent in the country in which the project will be launched.

Orange supports innovators and service development in emerging countries

The Humanitech challenge
Since 2010, Orange has been organising an annual humanitarian and digital student competition, in partnership with the Casques Rouges Foundation. The event represents an opportunity for young people to put their creative skills to work for a national and international cause, with innovative, digitally-based projects.

The ArtScience Prize
The ArtScience Prize, which was founded in Boston in 2009, is part of the ArtScience Labs international network, which was established by the Laboratory's founder, David Edwards. The aim of the prize is to stimulate students' creativity by encouraging them to get involved in art and science.

Digital Society Forum
The "Digital Society Forum", which was initiated by Orange, aims to shed light on major social changes brought about by the digital world. Collaborative, inter-Canteen (Paris, Rennes, Nantes) meetings are organised on topics that have previously been debated by sociologists, psychologists, researchers and the stakeholders in the digital world: relationships 2.0, the connected family, new forms of learning, connected migrants and working in the digital age, etc.

Developers programme in Tunisia
Open to all and completely free of charge, the Orange Tunisia Developers' Programme offers a range of complementary activities designed to support young talents in creating their own mobile applications. Three years after its launch, 3,000 people have been taught coding, 2,800 students have been trained at their universities and over 100 young people have been mentored and coached at the Orange Developer Center, a unique laboratory in Tunisia that is dedicated to the mobile development world. Fifty applications have been created and over 100 developers recruited as part of this programme to date.

Data for Development competition
As a major telecommunications operator in Africa, Orange produces a significant volume of digital data. In order to analyse the significance of this data and identify potential applications, Orange and some of its subsidiaries have launched the Data for Development challenge, a challenge open to the global scientific community, held in Côte d’Ivoire in 2012, and in Senegal in 2014.

The main goal of the challenge, which is aligned with Orange's policy of promoting development, is to contribute to development and improve the living conditions of the local populations.

Mobile services for agriculture in Nigeria, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Madagascar
The Labaroun Kassou mobile service was developed in collaboration with Niger's National Network of Chambers of Agriculture (RECA) in 2011. It allows farmers, transporters and agricultural businesses from rural areas to get to know the prices of agricultural goods on the various markets and to benefit from meteorological and technical information in order to maximise their harvests. Following the success of the experiments organised in Niger, Orange launched two new ranges in 2013: Sénékéla in Maki (agricultural advice and information on market prices) and SIM Anacarde in Côte d’Ivoire (information and advice on the subsidiary Anacarde). In May 2014, Orange Madagascar, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antanarivo, launched bazar mada, a service that provides information on the agricultural market allowing users to check product prices and negotiate bulk purchases.

Community phones in Mali, Niger, in Côte d’Ivoire, in Central Africa, in Cameroon and in Madagascar
This concept, developed by the Group in collaboration with the Grameen Foundation, offers collective access to a mobile telephone service in 4,350 villages throughout the country. In addition to access to communications at a low cost, these community telephones promote the development of micro-enterprises: a person equipped with an antenna, a mobile phone and a solar-powered battery charger can actually become the operator for an entire village.

Orange helps its employees to make their entrepreneurial ideas a reality

While the Orange Group supports external start-ups as they develop, employees can also benefit from assistance in bringing their own projects to life.

The business creation assistance scheme, which has been in place within the Group for several years, has just been enhanced to help those who wish to create a start-up in the digital world.
In particular, the scheme includes an option for entrepreneur employees to use innovative projects available to them, to assess their projects and choices in light of the realities of the market and develop a prototype as part of an incubation period, as well as taking advantage of support from experts within the company.

This dynamic of innovation, which is open to employees, also contributes to an ecosystem of innovative enterprises which are close to Orange and potential business partners, thus creating value for the company and for the economy as a whole.

Since the launch of the spin-off scheme, over 70 companies have been founded by Orange employees, creating more than 350 jobs.

Landmarks: the Orange research and innovation chain

Every day, our 5,000 researchers, engineers, technicians, designers and marketers dedicate their energy and share their experience to benefit customers.

With a network made up of Orange Labs, the Technocentre, Orange Silicon Valley and Orange Vallée, Orange is represented in 12 countries on four continents (China, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, United States, France, India, Japan, Jordan, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Tunisia).

Orange Labs support research activities and coordinate the Group's standardisation activities. They also manage the Group's network strategy. They bear the global technical responsibility for Orange's products and services from the definition and creation of innovative services to the maintenance of solutions implemented in each country.

The Technocentre, the Orange "product and design factory" handles product marketing, i.e. the design and delivery of innovative, value-added products and services that are adapted to the expectations of their customers, and that meet the needs of countries in the Orange footprint as closely as possible. It also defines and implements the design strategy for all of the group's products and services in order to ensure that customers enjoy a consistent experience across all interfaces.

Orange Silicon Valley, the Orange development centre in San Francisco, detects and develops the trends emerging in the Silicon Valley and identifies innovative technologies and products in order to make strategic proposals for the future.

The role of Orange Vallée is to innovate rapidly in the field of fixed and mobile Internet services. About the size of a start-up, it manages its projects from start to finish, from the producing first prototypes to marketing the end product to customers. To do so, it brings together experts of different nationalities and from different disciplines under one roof to work in agile mode.

In 2014, Orange invested 732 million euros in research and innovation.

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