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April 2016


Orange has been supporting the experiences that our customers are passionate about since the brand was created. Over the last 20 years, these sponsorships have focused mostly on entertainment, music and sport, reflecting what’s essential to our customers.

These activities not only deliver brand awareness, they create opportunities to engage with our customers, employees and partners in more meaningful ways by providing enhanced experiences through the digital services we provide.

Orange Sponsors You - Making the fans the real stars

For Orange, it’s the fans that make our sponsorships and events great. Everything we do in sponsorship is geared towards celebrating our fans’ support, by turning the spotlight on them and rewarding them for their passions throughout any tournament, event or experience. For us, our fans are the real stars of Orange and that’s why our new sponsorship platform and approach is all about Orange Sponsors You.

While we already sponsored the fans as a collective during UEFA EURO 2012 – in 2016, we’re sponsoring the fans as individuals.

This isn’t just an empty promise. We have designed our approach so that it allows Orange to recognise, empower and reward every fan as a unique individual.

Orange and UEFA - Partners since UEFA EURO 2012

In 2011, Orange signed its first partnership with UEFA to become an official sponsor and the Technology Provider for the UEFA EURO 2012 games.

As well as being able to unite and connect football fans across Europe with a shared passion, we sponsored UEFA EURO 2012 because the investments that we made to the telecommunications infrastructure in Poland, where we operate, were able to make a positive and lasting contribution to local and regional social-economic development.

Orange Poland provided a 24/7 100% perfect supply of technical infrastructure and service, receiving excellent feedback from UEFA and broadcasters (380km cables at sites, 6,000 km fibre-optic network, 17 tonnes of equipment tested, 7,000 Ethernet ports). Over 1.44 million fans attended the 31 matches in Poland and the Ukraine, with over 7 million fans attending the Fan Zones in the eight host cities.

A total of 3hrs 45mins 34secs (equivalent to 7mins 17secs per match) of clear exposure was secured by Orange via the LED pitch-side perimeter boards during the 31matches of UEFA EURO 2012.

UEFA EURO 2016 The biggest sponsorship campaign in our history

UEFA EURO 2012 was our first pan-European sponsorship event. In 2016, we have extended this to cover our entire footprint, with global rights across the world – making this the biggest sponsorship activation in the Group’s history. It marks the perfect opportunity for us to launch our new sponsorship strategy, Orange Sponsors You, which focuses firmly on rewarding the fans with what matters to them.

For us, it’s the fans that make sport great. That’s why during UEFA EURO 2016, Orange will be celebrating their support and rewarding their passion. It’s all part of our new approach, Orange Sponsors You.

Orange Sponsors You has something for everyone

All of our sponsorships go much deeper than putting a logo on a football shirt or stadium seat. We are here to help our fans and customers experience the best tournament ever, whether they are at the stadium, watching at home or on the move.

How? By placing fans centre-stage, and serving up packages of rewards, bonuses, discounts and prizes, including match tickets.

All of our customers will be getting in on the action too. Orange Sponsors You will be activated through our local countries, with offers such as internet options, data bundles, mobile TV, free calling and more to ensure everyone has something to celebrate, whatever the result.

In some countries, we’ll be offering customers who vote for their favourite teams a free GB of mobile data with every goal scored. In others, customers will get a free movie to download every time their favourite team wins. Additionally, some countries will offer free roaming during specific matches throughout the tournament.

Zinédine Zidane, Our chief recruiter

This year, we will be recruiting fans to join us at the Final of UEFA EURO 2016. Recruiting fans is a key part of our Orange Sponsors You campaign activation with Zinédine Zidane as our chief recruiter.

Starring in a global TV campaign launching from 29 May across 28 countries, Orange has signed up famous French footballer, Zinédine Zidane, to send his assistants to scour the globe as our chief scout to find the world’s biggest fans.

Throughout the tournament over 3,000 fans will be ‘recruited and rewarded’ by Orange for showing their support with tickets to games, over 20 of them will be celebrated for their support and taken to the FINAL of UEFA EURO 2016 on 10 July at the Stade de France in Paris.

OrangeSponsorsYou.com: fans in action

To extend our Orange Sponsors You approach across all of our digital channels, Orange has created a 360° video that will transport the fan right to the heart of the action, allowing each fan to experience being the star of UEFA EURO 2016 through an immersive first person point-of-view story… with a few surprises along the way.

Show your support on social

Social activity plays a key role in our campaign. As the tournament progresses, we’ll be on the look-out for the most creative and passionate fans across social media - rewarding them on a one-to-one basis and recruiting the very best fans to join us at the Final to show their support in person
We will encourage fans to show their support for their team by posting their image/video clip to social (eg Facebook, Twitter) throughout the tournament using #OrangeSponsorsYou #(team name). Even if a team is knocked out, fans can then choose support other teams throughout Euro.

Over 3,000 match tickets for fans

Additionally, fans across the world will have a chance to win merchandise and prizes including match tickets. Orange customers will also get the star treatment, with a full package of special rewards and local commercial offers. Key highlights include :

  • Offering over 3,000 tickets to reward fans for their passions
  • Offering over 700 tickets to Orange employees so that they can get in on the action too
  • Offering over 200 fans a VIP experience by attending the warm-up matches
  • Over 200 VIP experiences for fans to attend warm-up games in France
  • Over 20 of the ultimate fans from across the globe will also win a trip to watch the FINAL at the Stade de France

Orange exclusive involving France's iconic Eiffel Tower

Every night during UEFA EURO 2016, Orange will use the Eiffel Tower as the surprise centrepiece of the Orange Sponsors You campaign. Fans on social using #OrangeSponsorsYou will influence how France’s iconic landmark plays its part in the celebrations. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

‘Fan of the Match'

exclusive to Orange in stadiums

Starting from the opening game of the UEFA EURO 2016, Orange is launching ‘Fan of the Match’. Mirroring the concept behind ‘Man of the Match’, Orange is setting out to find and celebrate the fan who has stood out most from the crowd and shone from the stands.

Exclusive to Orange, one fan at every match will be singled out and celebrated as our ‘Fan of the Match’.

Official Telecommunications Service Provider of UEFA EURO 2016

As Official Telecommunications Service Provider, Orange will be providing all fixed and wireless communications services for the tournament.

UEFA EURO 2016 the most connected tournament in its history

Orange will be providing all fixed and wireless communications services for the tournament.
Orange will be providing all fixed and wireless communications services for the tournament.
This includes the responsibility for delivering live match signals from the 10 stadiums in France to broadcasters and fans around the world, as well as providing staff, officials, media, referees and volunteers with connectivity and mobile services throughout the tournament.

It represents laying hundreds of thousands of kilometers of fibre optic cables, enough to circle the world at least twice over, and carrying over two terabits/s of data-speed rate (comparable to the amount of bandwidth of inbound data traffic to France).

Over 800 engineers and experts from Orange will be dedicated to delivering UEFA EURO 2016.
An additional 200 engineers and experts will also be dedicated to operating the mobile and wifi services in stadiums, Fan Zones and base camps (training and accommodation bases for the teams).

This is also the year in which the tournaments will reap the benefits of a number of new technological advancements, including: a strong improvement of the technical infrastructure to provide supporters with the best connection ever and make the UEFA EURO 2016 the most connected tournament in its history.

4G coverage boosted within the stadiums

Within the stadiums, 4G will be boosted as Orange has, for example, invested in new antennas (and installed 10-15 times more antennas, up to 32 antennas in some cases) using the latest technology, in order to provide more coverage. We are also using the frequencies better to deliver greater coverage and deliver the traffic more effectively.

Over 110,000 simultaneous connections

At Fan Zones, in order to provide fans with the most connected experience ever, Orange will also equip the areas with over 680 connectivity access points (270 in Paris alone) and set up a wifi network, allowing over 110,000 simultaneous connections, which is the equivalent of the coverage for the whole city of Rouen. Thanks to the 50 kilometers of cable deployed, supporters will be able to share up to 36 To of data during a single match.

In France, 8 live matches in UHD

For the first time, customers in France will able to enjoy 8 matches of the tournament live in UHD on TF1 and M6, exclusive to TV d’Orange customers : these cover the opening match, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

The latest technology innovations in 6 Fan Zones

At the Fan Zones in 6 cities (Lyon, Paris, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse), Orange is creating special celebration boxes on Orange booths where fans will have the chance to experience the latest technology innovations including virtual reality experiences or watch matches the UHD.

Over 200 sponsorships in sport

Today, the Group’s investment in sponsorships extend globally across our footprint with over 200 active partnerships within the fields of sports, music & entertainment, with total investments of over 50 million euros.

Football has formed a prominent part of our sponsorship portfolio for over 15 years. We are, sponsoring over 70 properties, accounting for one third of all our global sponsorship investment.

What do we sponsor ?

Our sports sponsorships deliver large amounts of brand awareness whilst also delivering opportunities to get closer to our customers. We get closer to our customers by providing enhanced experiences – either at/around sporting events or via the digital services we provide around them.

As a converged operator, we have the ability to bring the power of our web, TV, and mobile platforms to allow our customers to get closer these events – allowing them to interact with the sport, other fans, and our brand, whether they are watching live or at home.

In sport, we have been the official telecommunications service provider of some of the greatest international tournaments, including Winter Olympics 1992, FIFA World Cup 1998, Tour de France since 1999, Rugby World Cup 2007, Ligue 1, World Cup 1998, CAN, UEFA EURO 2012 and now UEFA EURO 2016.

This experience has helped us to understand the unique demands of supporting such large multi-site, internationally important sporting events. It has helped us to establish the internal structures and processes that ensure effective partnerships.

Highlights of football partnerships we partnered with and currently have in place include:

Group UEFA EURO 2016
Confederation of African football (CAF)
FIFA World Cup 1998
France Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 football teams
Spain La Liga football championship TV rights
AMEA Mali Football championship
Mali National football team/federation
Nigeria Football team/federation
Senegal Football championship
Senegal Football team/federation
Jordan national team/federation
Guinea's Football team/Federation
I. Coast Football championship
I. Coast National team/federation
Moldova Champions league (broadcasting partner)
Moldova's Football championship
Moldova's Football team/federation
Orange Cup & Super Cup (National football championships)
Romania Dinamo Bucharest
Romania's Football championship

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