Orange’s commitments to personal data and privacy protection


Digital society is undergoing some major changes. As more and more of our day-to-day activities go electronic and digital, very large volumes of data concerning us are becoming available. This phenomenon is being compounded by technological factors (increasing number of smart sensors, internet of things, etc.) and behavioral factors (growing use of online services such as e-commerce, people exposing their private life online, etc.).

In this way, the web is transforming into a vast ocean of data, an essential part of which is made up of personal data, produced by users themselves.

Today, many firms are building their business models around their use of this data, especially for advertising. This use can also generate services that will benefit both individuals and society in general.

Telecommunications operators are adapting to this new landscape and developing new forms of interaction based on the use of personal data. As a result of these changes, they are expanding their field of expertise in order to personalize their offers and their relations with customers in real time.

Orange firmly believes that the digital market and data-based services will only be able to develop within a secure and reassuring framework for all users.

In this way, Orange aims to be recognized as a trusted operator by its customers, users and partners.

Faced with the rapid development of digital uses and growing threats (viruses, spam, etc.), simple tools need to be put in place to help our customers and users to cope with, manage and control their personal data and how it is used.

That is the rationale behind Orange’s commitment to the European Commission to offer its customers a personal data dashboard by 2015.

To go further, Orange is making commitments in four areas:


  • security of customers’ personal data through its reliable processing and secure storage

  • control for customers over their own personal data and how it is used, including a personal dashboard

  • transparency in terms of the handling of data for its customers and users at all stages throughout our relationship

  • support for all its customers and users to help them protect their privacy and manage their personal data better


In addition, Orange promotes those commitments towards its business partners and subcontractors.