Find out why and how to become a Group's shareholder

Nearly 700,000 individual shareholders support the Group. Being a shareholder of Orange means sharing a vision of tomorrow through principles such as innovation, quality of services, international openness and social and environmental responsibility. To become an Orange shareholder, 3 ways of holding shares are possible in France: "bearer shares", "administrated registered shares" or "direct registered shares". Find out all pros and cons of each holding way.



My bearer shares

Your ‘bearer shares’ are held by your chosen financial intermediary. With this type of share, the shareholder is not known by Orange, except if the company makes an ad hoc TPI (Titres au Porteur Identifiable [identifiable bearer shares]) request, by which a listed company can obtain a list of its shareholders on a given date from Euroclear, the only company authorized to carry out TPI survey.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Trading on the stock market easily and in real time.
  • Free choice of your financial intermediary holding your bearer shares.
  • Simplified portfolio management (only one statement for your shares).
  • Payment of custody fees.
  • No systematic and personalized communication by the issuing company.
  • Required formalities to attend shareholders' meetings.


My administrated registered shares

Under the French system, your shares may be managed via the register kept by your financial intermediary. This approach to share management, in conjunction with BNP Paribas Securities Services, means that we can directly send you personal invitations to Orange General Meetings. Custody and transaction fees are to be agreed with your financial intermediary.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Free choice of your financial intermediary holding your bearer shares.
  • Payment of custody fees.
  • Transaction’s time potentially longer.



Did you know?

The employee shareholding represents 7.27% of Orange’s capital and 10.92% of voting rights as of March 31, 2022.





My direct registered shares

Under the French system, directly registered securities are held on the shareholder's behalf by a financial institution chosen by the company itself. Shareholders are known by Orange, enabling the company to provide a high-quality, personalized service, and pay no account charges for their shares in the company (charges are met in full by Orange for as long as shares are held). Directly registered Orange shares are managed by BNP Paribas Securities Services.
You can find out how to open a directly registered account from Orange's Direct Registered Shares Service by calling +33 1 60 95 87 24 (from abroad).



As a directly registered shareholder, you benefit from numerous advantages

An online service: 
for viewing and managing your account, updating your personal information, placing and tracking online trading orders with preferential transaction charges, and subscribing to e-services, such as e-dividend notifications, e-transaction notifications, e-statements and e-invitations to Annual General Meetings.

A more direct relationship with the company: 
you will receive information from the Group, such as personal invitations to Annual General Meetings (by post or as an e-invitation if you have chosen this option).

A dedicated helpline:
available to you from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m (CET) by calling +33 1 60 95 87 24 from abroad.

A free management of your Orange securities account:
management charges for registered accounts are met by Orange, for as long as you hold your shares. Only buy/sell transactions are subject to transaction fees, which are discounted if you carry out your transactions online via Planetshares.



The Planetshares website is enriched by NOA, a virtual assistant to accompany you in managing your assets. Available at any time from your laptop, your tablet or your smartphone, NOA responds to your questions on the following topics :

  • Accessing your documents
  • Monitoring your shares
  • Placing an operation
  • Pre-filling your Account Opening Agreement

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Orange shares are listed on two Stock Exchanges: in Paris (symbol ORA as from 1 July, 2013 / ISIN code FR0000133308), in New York (NYSE -  ADR)

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