Published on 14 October 2016

Being a shareholder

Investing in Orange by holding shares in our capital entitles you to dividend payments each year. You can also attend our Group Shareholders’ Meetings and vote on resolutions relating to our business operations.

PlanetShares - Uptevia: manage your shares online

The Available 24/7 from your PC, tablet, or smartphone, you can:

  • access your documents
  • view your assets
  • place an order to buy or sell shares
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The individual shareholders' committee is here to represent you

As part of our good governance policy, Orange continues to improve the quality of our relations and communications with shareholders.
The individual shareholders’ committee is on hand to help you:

It is made up of 10 members selected by Orange based on their experience and knowledge and is a collective body for analyzing best practices in shareholder communication.

Members meet 2 to 4 times a year. During these meetings, they may meet one of our Executive VPs to discuss strategic subjects that are important for the company.

Committee members:

Yeoshua Rozen
Family Office Investment Banker
Ile de France

Oriane Maseda
Land developer in property rehabilitation
and heritage
Ile de France

Christian Cuney
Freelance Finance Director
Ile de France

Teddy Gurineau
Partner Didier King Expertise & advice
Ile de France

Daniel Dubois
Audiovisual producer
Ile de France

Muriel Cuny
Alearisque General Delegate
Risk Management and Insurance Unit

Dominique Mesurolle
Retired Continuous Improvement Manager

David Mortamais
Venture Capital at MAVA Ventures
Ile de France

Isabelle Poisot
Lead PM Execution Packing

Hugues Davreux
Company manager: Idimed

You would like to join the individual shareholders’ committee?

Please read the guidelines and fill out the application form below:

Please return your application:

By mail:
Orange SA
111 Quai du Président Roosevelt
CS 70222
92449 Issy Les Moulineaux

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