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The principles behind our CSR approach


We emphasize two strong commitments for the environment and digital equality. Our CSR policy includes these commitments but also covers fundamentals that underline our economic and social responsibility as well as respect for the principles that guide our way of working. This whole set of commitments is the foundation of our company’s purpose.




As an operator, we have a responsibility to support the social, societal and environmental transitions generated by our business activities. We are doing everything we can to enable individuals, communities and whole regions to benefit from the digital world we are helping to shape, while respecting ethics, human rights and the environment.

We couldn’t deploy our technology without the efforts of our teams and partners in our operating countries. Our CSR policy is built around ethics, anti-corruption and compliance, duty of care, close collaboration with stakeholders and providing support throughout the value chain (from supplier to customer).  

Our dedicated management and investor governance bodies ensure compliance with our business strategy and approach and enable us to report on the results achieved.

Non-financial performance, central to our CSR approach




In addition to strict regulation, we are committed to conducting healthy and honest business. Our ethics, corruption and compliance policies, combined with responsible and transparent governance, are the foundation for everything we do: from our international growth to the launch of financial services or data protection.

Our commitment to human rights is rooted in our history and corporate culture. These values are embodied in our practices, influencing relations with employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and subcontractors. Our action to support freedom of expression is recognized by the Global Network Initiative (GNI).

Every year since 2017, we have signed a Modern Slavery Act statement, which aims to eliminate all forms of trafficking or forced labour.


Our principles are set out in the Group’s Code of Ethics, which is supplemented by the Anti-Corruption Policy, personal data protection charter and other policies (Supplier Code of Conduct, Compliance with international economic sanctions etc).

The Group Ethics Committee stays on top of the principles set out in the Code and how they are applied and practised within the company’s operations.



The 2017 Corporate Duty of Vigilance Law

The French Corporate Duty of Vigilance Law obliges companies with more than 5,000 employees to have an affirmative duty of care plan to prevent human rights violations or environmental abuse, both within the company itself as well as its subsidiaries, subcontractors and suppliers. We report annually on the measures implemented as well as the progress made



Stakeholder dialogue and community

Our CSR policy is based on structured and active listening and stakeholder dialogue to make sure our activities align with their expectations. This enables us to identify any social or societal issues as they develop so we can help address them.

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Responsible purchasing within our value chains

We’re extending our CSR principles to our entire industrial and commercial ecosystem, particularly in terms of responsible purchasing. We’re a founding member of the Joint Audit Cooperation, a consortium of 16 global telecoms operators who collaborate to ensure our suppliers respect human rights and environmental standards.  




The Sustainable Development Goals

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