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Orange stands firm as a partner of the digital transformation in Africa and the Middle East. With a presence in 18 countries, we are listening to the markets and their specific characteristics in order to put forward an offer that is in line with expectations, lifestyles and consumption. We offer services that provide concrete answers to our customers’ needs.


1 African in 10 is an Orange customer.

In 2020, Orange Middle East and Africa generated revenues of €5.8 billion, while serving 130 million customers.

More than 50 million customers have an Orange Money account, our flagship mobile-based money transfer and financial services offer available in 17 countries.

4G was launched in 17 countries, with 36.1 million customers.


Presence in 18 countries



We invest 1 billion euros every year in Africa and Middle East, putting Orange at the forefront of the digital transformation. 4G is now available in 17 countries in Africa and the Middle-East, with 36.1 million customers as of March 31st 2021. Orange is not only expanding mobile coverage but also increasing the speed and quality of connections so that everyone can access the internet and essential services. This requires major investments in undersea and terrestrial cables, such as the “Africa Coast to Europe” (ACE) undersea cable, Main One, 2 Africa and Djoliba.

MEA réseaux


Financial Services

Long excluded from the banking system, today more than 50 million Africans have opened Orange Money accounts. Our flagship mobile-based money transfer and financial services provides reliable, secure and instantaneous transactions. Thanks to Orange Money, money can be sent to family through mobile phones, to pay for day-to-day needs, as well as receive salary on its mobile phone. We are now expanding our offer with complementary services (loans and insurance) and we’ve already launched a bank in Ivory Coast in July 2019.

MEA services financiers mobiles



Teaching and vocational training are unquestionably the most strategic digital revolutions for Africa. Digital is the only way to quickly train millions of people, vital for ensuring Africa’s independent and long-lasting development. Our “Orange Digital Center” project is designed to exactly meet this need. It is a place built around a new concept, entirely dedicated to innovation. Set-up as a center to support startups, it delivers a wide range of services, from training young people in coding (through Coding Schools as Sonatel Academy) to more direct guidance in ICT related manual trainings (Solidary FabLab), startup acceleration (Orange Fab) to investment in early-stage companies (Orange Digital Ventures Africa). These new sites are dedicated to all kinds of different people, regardless of their level. Orange has already opened 6 Orange Digital Centers and will be establishing similar systems in the rest of its footprint in the Middle East and Africa region, as well as in Europe.

MEA éducation



More than 1 in 2 Africans has no access to electricity. The electrification of the continent is a real challenge that we want to address. Orange is already offering a range of Orange Energy solar kits for individuals and professionals in 9 countries. These mobile solutions provide access to electricity for all with a sustainable power supply. Offered in the form of a kit including a solar panel, a battery and accessories (LED lightbulbs, kit to recharge several telephones, a radio and/or television), the equipment is provided by partners selected by Orange for the quality of their products and their ability to respond to a massive demand.

MEA Ennergie


We have set ourselves a two-stage target, which is part of our Engage 2025 plan: Meet 50% of our electricity needs from renewable sources by 2025, and reach net zero carbon by 2040. And we are on track to succeed in this challenge!

Alioune Ndiaye, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Middle East and Africa

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