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Orange, a multi-service operator in Africa and the Middle East

As a leading multi-service operator and partner in the region’s digital transformation, Orange has the expertise to help develop new digital services. Our aim is to bring our social and environmental commitments to life by connecting the unconnected and promoting digital, financial, and energy inclusion by ensuring our services provide concrete solutions to people’s essential needs.

Africa and the Middle East: ensuring regional connectivity and inclusion

We are committed to becoming the preferred operator for all by offering sustainable, meaningful, and useful services.
This local and continual commitment, particularly when it comes to young people, entrepreneurship, and digital and financial inclusion, is based on four pillars.

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Orange Middle East and Africa strengthens its social and environmental commitment by involving its employees through the Engage for Change program.
For several years now, we have been taking concrete action to reduce our environmental impact. Today, it is employees who are taking over by getting directly involved in various ecological initiatives on International Environment Day, as part of the new Orange Engage for Change program.

Our ambition to provide the best service to our 149 million customers in Africa and the Middle East means our innovation efforts are focused on enabling the best possible digital experience. 

Jérôme Hénique, EVP and CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa (OMEA)

3 out of 10 Africans are Orange customers.

In 2023, Orange Middle East and Africa generated €7 billion in revenue, serving more than 149 million customers.

Today, more than 90 million customers in 17 countries have opened an Orange Money account, our mobile money transfer and financial services offer.

Launched in 17 countries 4G is available to more than 60 millions customers.

Reducing our environmental footprint in Africa and the Middle East

We’re fully committed to deploying renewable energy solutions by installing solar sites and partnering with power companies in Africa and the Middle East. Switching to clean and sustainable energy has helped us significantly reduce our CO2eq emissions, while promoting environmental protection and the transition to a greener economy.

To enable our employees to support local projects with a strong social impact, we launched Engage for Change in Africa and the Middle East. This interactive platform enables them to get involved in social and environmental initiatives that make a concrete and positive difference in our communities. Whether through local projects, partnerships, or eco-responsible actions, everyone can play their part.

Showcasing the continent’s talent in all its forms 

Launched in 2020, Orange's “Y'Africa” program highlights African talent in all its diversity. Following seasons 1 and 2 which showcased 63 African artists, season 3 is dedicated to discovering the careers of athletes.