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The Orange story: a commitment that spans the ages

Our commitment to a responsible digital world was not developed overnight; it is deeply rooted in our history. In just 30 years, Orange has become one of the most powerful brands in the world, worth over $20 billion, proving its ability to cross cultural and language barriers. It is an African brand, a European brand, a business brand, a wholesale brand, an innovation brand, and a cyber brand, bringing together 137,000 employees and investing in 26 countries, serving 298 million business and individual customers around the world.

First launched on 28 April 1994 in a rather more analogue world, Orange has now celebrated its 30th birthday, all the while staying true to its original bold and optimistic vision of the future. It all started with a simple “hello”.

The story began in the UK, with benefit-led services and the ethos of putting people before technology. This DNA has remained intact over the years, even during periods of strong growth and social development, and even following its acquisition by France Télécom six years later.

Public service heritage

France Télécom bought Orange when the European telecoms market opened up to competition in 2000, rapidly becoming the market leader thanks to its network quality. It started to move all of its subsidiaries under the same name: Orange. At the end of 2009, Orange was present in more than 30 countries serving 123 million customers.

Then on 1 July 2013, following a vote at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, France Télécom also changed its name to Orange, starting a new chapter for a company whose internal culture was embedded in public service.

The name France Télécom is no longer used, but the extensive French telephone network owes a lot to its historic infrastructure, which subsequently led to mobile telephony and the dawn of a new revolution: the internet.


Proving our commitment

Early on, Orange defined its role to address some of today’s social challenges linked to our industry: promoting responsible mobile phone use, raising awareness of screen time, recycling mobile phones, and fighting against cyber bullying.

By defining our purpose and including it into our bylaws, the company strengthened its commitment by aligning its brand values with its history.

As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

It’s hard to imagine life without a mobile phone. Data, AI, and social media have become part and parcel of everyday life with real consequences for everyone. But while there may be uncertainty or anxiety around new technologies, Orange continues to be known not just for its innovation but also its brand equity: for having a meaningful and different brand that people love and trust. Ranked 8th in the Brand Finance 2024 Telecoms valuation report, the Orange brand grew by 10.2% in 2023 to $20.3 billion.

The Orange brand has been able to adapt to our constantly changing world, staying useful and relevant with each coming generation. As well as adding new services to its core business, it has targeted new segments through Orange Business and Orange Cyberdefense, and successfully positioned itself as a key player outside the telco sector through sub brands such as Orange Money and Orange Energies.

Orange is here

This new signature takes our commitment and powerful brand heritage forward by reinforcing the idea that customers can rely on Orange at every step of their journey and in all circumstances.

Orange is here. A new brand platform is a strong moment in the history of a brand… and what a brand! Orange is iconic, powerful and at the heart of people's lives. The Orange brand is 30 years old so it’s worth celebrating, and why not with a new signature? Orange is here. Three simple words, powerful but with great expectations! Three words with a strong commitment: that of being by your side, in every moment, big and small. Three words that project us into a sustainable future but anchor us in the reality of our customers.

Caroline Guillaumin, Executive Vice President of Communication for the Group