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Orange in Brussels

Orange is a European player operating in 7 EU Member States: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain. Hence European issues and the EU institution’s digital initiatives are on top of our agenda.


Towards a sovereign digital Europe


For this new mandate, running from 2019 to 2024, the European Commission has identified six key priorities including the development of a sovereign digital Europe. As indicated in her work programme, the European Commission President, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen wishes to promote “A Europe fit for the digital age” with strengthened digital assets in Artificial Intelligence, 5G networks, digital services, innovation, cybersecurity as well as sustainability.

Orange wishes to contribute to all those fundamental topics through its expertise, commitments and ideas.


Our “EuropeInside” vision: for a Digital, inclusive and competitive European Union

The digital transformation of our society is one of the main challenges faced by the EU. Such transformation would bring new services benefitting all the citizens as well as bringing economic growth, industrial and operational efficiency. It would also enable a more ecological and sustainable society.

However, for such transformation to succeed, everyone has to be properly equipped to become an actor of change, which implies to put human at the centre of every decision as well as preserve our European fundamental values. The Union should further support research and innovation, cybersecurity as well as investment in state-of-the-art networks in order to reaffirm its digital leadership on the world’s stage and strengthen its competitiveness.

For Europe to reap the benefits of the digital transformation, Orange proposes some specific measures in its “EuropeInside” vision:



For Europe to reap the benefits of the digital transformation, Orange proposes some specific measures in its “EuropeInside"

Our EuropeInside vision

EuropeInside summary



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Ultra-fast and reliable: how 5G opens new possibilities

We’re continuing to invest in high-performance and scalable technologies to ensure the best possible network quality.


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