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Reduce your carbon footprint: adopt habits that count

All of us can reduce our energy consumption by changing a few digital habits! Here are a few simple, essential, and useful ways to save electricity and other vital resources such as raw materials, land, and water. We’re all responsible for our future planet so let’s adopt them.

Essential eco-gestures

  • Switch your mobile phone to use Wi-Fi at home or in the office. A Wi-Fi connection consumes 10 times less energy than a 4G connection and puts less strain on the network.
  • Turn off electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, routers, TV screens, and games consoles when not in use, such as at night. Even when in sleep mode, computer hardware still generates up to three quarters of its total power consumption.
    If you own an Orange Livebox 6, make sure you always use Power Saving Mode.

Useful eco-gestures

  • Rather than streaming your videos on your tablet or computer, download them before watching them.
  • Disable automatic video playback in the app’s settings.
  • Reduce the quality of videos when watching on social media.
  • Delete unwanted emails and photos or large attachments.
  • Remember to unplug your tablet, phone, and computer when they are fully charged, or they’ll continue to consume electricity.


Keeping your devices for longer is also greener

Show your devices some loyalty

The greatest environmental impact of phones and smartphones is the manufacturing process. That’s why you should keep them for as long as you can and have them repaired rather than replacing them if possible.

Recycle don’t renew

Giving your device a second life by bringing it back to the store to be reconditioned or recycled helps to preserve our planet’s vital resources.

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