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How Orange Wholesale supports global connectivity

Orange Wholesale brings together our technical and sales units to support third-party operators and major internet providers within a single division.

This new strategic direction will help drive reliable and innovative global connectivity solutions and comes with a new claim: “Powering global connectivity”.


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Five challenges of an ultra-connected world

Our Group-wide wholesale strategy helps us respond faster to major telecommunications challenges now and in the future.

Ensuring seamless interconnections  
Everyone, no matter where they are in the world, should be able to communicate, work, and play without hindrance, while enjoying access to a full range of services.

2 Managing ever-increasing volumes of data
Intensifying digital uses and AI data processing mean data centers are now central to network transformation.

Controlling risks
Growing cyber threats (current and future) and risks (geopolitical, climate, etc.) mean security and resilience are major concerns.

Controlling the environmental impact
Any telecommunications development must help not hinder the fight against climate change.

5 Providing digital access for all
Everyone should benefit from new ways to communicate, whether the services we deploy now or future development.

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What do we mean by wholesale?

By drawing on our diverse expertise and innovation capacity, Orange Wholesale has established itself as a trusted partner for infrastructure and connectivity service provision to third-party operators, internet providers, and global content providers. Creating this new division forms part of our Lead the Future strategic plan, which capitalizes on our infrastructure assets and expertise.


In a world where digital technology has become as essential as the air we breathe, we believe in the power of wholesale to offer connectivity everywhere and deliver it ‘as a service’; the power to ensure resilience and security; and the power to reduce both operational costs and carbon emissions by pooling infrastructure and networks.
At Orange Wholesale, global connectivity is not just a business, it’s a vision.

Michaël Trabbia, CEO Orange Wholesale
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Connecting and supporting customers

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The deployment and connection of infrastructure, connectivity services, and interconnections, as well as related services.

Infrastructure solutions as part of an “industry-centric” approach, integrating retail and wholesale needs, underpinned by both Orange networks and partner networks.

Secure end-to-end connectivity solutions via an agile, on-demand service model, based on an “as-a-service” approach.

The pooling of low-impact infrastructures and networks to reduce carbon emissions from telecom activities.

Orange Wholesale : our solutions

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Orange Wholesale experts

Bringing together our experts into Orange Wholesale (Orange Wholesale France, Orange Wholesale International, Wholesale Line of Business, and our subsidiaries Orange Marine, Elettra and TOTEM) is not just a technical strategy. Our joined forces combine the specialized and complementary skills we need to achieve excellence and performance when supporting our customers. The new Orange Wholesale structure capitalizes on this experience, increases the visibility of the solutions we develop in this area, and catalyzes essential collective intelligence to innovate.

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