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Published on 28 August 2020

Improving people’s everyday financial experience

As a multi-service operator and partner to enable digital transformation, we’re also developing a range of mobile financial services to enrich our customers’ experience and inclusion in this essential area of their lives. The aim is to make money easier to manage, more secure and more inclusive.


Digital transactions through Orange Money

In 2008, we launched an emblematic product that formed part of a trend that completely overhauled the African economy: mobile money.

With its e-wallet offering various financial services accessible from a mobile phone, Orange Money is synonymous with financial inclusion for millions of people who would otherwise have limited access to a bank. Today, Orange Money has more than 48 million customers in 18 countries and continues to innovate.

For example, we’re enabling more and more digital transactions with the development of a new technical architecture to support growth: a new smartphone app, new chatbot systems, mobile assistance and identity management. Orange Money also offers richer services such as m-payment.

This enables customers to validate payments on our retail partners’ apps securely via their mobile.


Accelerating the deployment of Orange Bank

Launched in France in 2017, Orange Bank is designed around the mobile experience.

After two years and the acquisition of 500,000 customers, it is now being rolled out across Europe and in several African countries.

Our innovation teams work with local subsidiaries to develop new services (payment, micro and pico-finance, insurance, professional accounts etc) while ensuring strict compliance with the regulations set by central banks. We’re particularly focused on streamlining the customer journey, ensuring transactions are secure and preventing personal data fraud. 



Djingo : always-on digital assistant

Orange Bank was the first consumer app to integrate our AI feature Djingo: a virtual assistant that can answer calls 24/7 and has so far held more than 1.5 million customers with Orange Bank customers.



Working with Fintechs

These companies combine technology and financial services in their consumer and business services. Using innovative and disruptive operational, technological or business models, they address existing or emerging issues in the financial services industry. We work with a range of Fintechs to bring new ideas to customers and also enable them to distribute their own services using our underlying technology.

Several have taken part in our Orange Fab acceleration programme and, since 2015, Fintechs receiving investment through Orange Digital Ventures have gone on to raise more than €350 in funding.