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Orange and the European Union

Orange is a major connectivity service provider operating in 7 EU Member States – Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, as well as in Moldova, an EU candidate country.
This means the European digital ecosystem and initiatives from EU institutions continue to be central to our business.

Our " EuropeInside " vision: towards a stronger, more resilient and greener Digital Single Market

The renewal of the European institutions in 2024 is taking place in a complex and high-stakes global and geopolitical context, whether in terms of security, the green transition, or the enlargement of the European Union. The EU must therefore be able to defend its values, rights, and vision for the future.

Societal digital transformation remains one of the major challenges requiring a strong EU response as it will enable new services to benefit citizens and promote economic growth, industrial and operational efficiency, and contribute to a more connected, more competitive, greener, and more sustainable society. To achieve this transformation, Europe must also develop the relevant tools so that everyone can benefit from it.

In this context, Orange calls for the creation of a digital single market that is stronger, more resilient and greener. Several actions need to be taken at European level to strengthen the competitiveness of the digital ecosystem and restore its leadership on a global scale. This includes encouraging greater investment in network infrastructure to enable the development of a European ecosystem and dynamic data economy, resilience and cybersecurity, while supporting the sector’s green transition.

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