How Orange is supporting the e-health boom

As a trusted telecom operator, we’ve been supporting the strategic development of healthcare providers for the past 17 years: from digital transformation, to improving the quality of care, and promoting access to as many people as possible... Digital technology took a central role during the recent pandemic, and our experts are continuing to help develop new services for the sector.


17 supporting the digital transformation of health

With 17 years of experience working in the health sector, in 2020, we grouped the services we offer to healthcare providers and professionals into our Enovacom subsidiary. Present in 9 countries in Europe and Canada, it provides vital technological support to the sector to facilitate the sharing, security, and value associated with heath data. On top of this, it also offers practical solutions to help make life easier for healthcare professionals.
Today, more than 1,600 hospitals in France (two thirds of public hospitals) use Enovacom solutions.

A growing market

by 2027

in 2021




millions teleconsultations
in France in 2020, with 7 out of 10 GPs adopting this new service

To better manage and secure their data, Enovacom offers a certified healthcare data hosting offer. Located in France, these data warehouses allow hospitals to centralize the storage of patient information and use data more effectively to enhance medical care and research. Enovacom also provides healthcare professionals with digital services that improve the patient journey through the Patient Link/Carnet offer (pre- and post-hospital admission), remote vital signs monitoring, and telemedicine via the Nomadeec solution.

With healthcare needs increasing, the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the essential role that digital technology can provide in the continuity of care. Digital transformation offers a concrete solution to the impact of medical deserts by promoting access to care for all. 

5G will provide new opportunities in predictive medicine, telemedicine/telesurgery and home care. Thanks to the reliability and speed of 5G connections, in the event of an accident or emergency, on-site emergency services can connect with consultants in hospitals.

Enovacom is central to strategic growth for Orange Business as it intends to draw on Enovacom's expertise to expand our portfolio of solutions and achieve our ambition of becoming a leader in e-health in France and Europe. “Now more than ever” says Laurent Frigara, Managing Director of Enovacom, “we need to work alongside those who care for us in order to improve medical devices … Our commitment at present is to develop new products to meet the current and future needs of our customers”.



Developing the European e-health ecosystem with Future4care

Alongside Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali, in June 2021, we launched Future4care, Europe’s only health-focused start-up accelerator program. The objective is to support 150 start-ups in stimulating the development of e-health solutions and their go-to-market, to benefit both patients and healthcare professionals.

Future4care, also serves as an Institute, which aims to become the benchmark for a digital health ecosystem to encourage collaboration in medical and technological sciences as well as the broader pharmaceutical sector, computer science, ethics, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, digital psychology, law, and economics.

Future4care is committed to creating and building a community of manufacturers and entrepreneurs, but also academics, institutions, health professionals, hospitals, and clinics, all essential to the effectiveness of healthcare provision.  






mains d'un médecin consultant une tablette connectée


Future4care’s start-ups and partners will have access to a 6,000 square-meter space, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, where the Group has relocated many of its activities related to digital health. The building combines work, meeting, reception, and networking areas, and will bring together a global industry open to national and international partnerships.





Investing in health innovation

Through Orange Digital Investment, we have committed more than €400 million over the past 15 years through various investment funds managed by companies outside the Group in connection with high-potential sectors. One example is the Digital Health II fund of LBO France, which invests in innovative health start-ups in France and Europe.

In line with Enovacom’s activities and our involvement in initiatives such as Future4care, our Orange Ventures VC entity also finances start-ups in the sector. 

In Africa and the Middle East, our seed investment fund for start-ups has made recent equity investments including in Waspito (an e-health app that distributes telemedicine services) and 7Keema (an e-health platform for booking nurse appointments).

In France, Orange Ventures Impact launched in 2021 to target priority sectors linked to our Engage 2025 strategy, such as to promote inclusion. Orange Ventures Impact has invested in telemedicine start-up Rofim, based in Marseille (and accelerated by Future4Care), which offers a solution for collaborative diagnosis and secure data-sharing between healthcare professionals. 



Global public health partner

In Africa and the Middle East, in addition to our venture capital investment activity, we have been a long-term trusted partner for funds and governments. We also provide digital health solutions, such as the M-vaccin platform, in partnership with GAVI, which is dedicated to raising public awareness and strengthening vaccination coverage in high-need regions. In 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with the Global Fund to develop innovative e-health solutions to reduce the prevalence of AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in Africa. First launched in Morocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo before being extended to other countries, the digital platform enables remote monitoring to improve access and quality of care.

We are also part of a Public-Private Alliance to provide electricity, internet connectivity, and clean water to remote health facilities in Sierra Leone.



un médecin rassure un patient

What’s more, we’ve invested in the start-up Dabadoc, which is already up and running in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The Dabadoc platform makes it possible to identify doctors available nearby and make an appointment in a few clicks. We are currently extending this solution to sub-Saharan Africa, in Côte d’Ivoire.