Published on 07 September 2021, updated on 03 July 2023

Orange Bank Europe

Since it launched in France in November 2017, Orange Bank has provided banking services that are designed natively around our customers’ mobile uses, which are both highly innovative and synergetic with our telecommunications business.

The bank has grown rapidly thanks to the power of the Orange brand as a trusted, responsible and local operator, and through offers that are strongly linked to our telco services (mobile insurance, device financing, and cashback on Orange purchases and invoices for Premium card holders).

With its easy-to-use products and rich features, Orange Bank aims to give customers the best value for money and innovation while continuing to reinvent the banking experience with groundbreaking offers such as the Premium Pack in 2020, the first offer on the market for families, and in 2022, the Express Loan, which is open to existing customers and newcomers to the bank.

Orange Bank launched in Spain in November 2019.  


Carte Orange bank



1,9 million
customers in Europe
(October 2022)


of new customers join via a paid offer

(October 2022)

Orange Bank’s Trustpilot rating in France 


on the Apple Store and Play Store

One of the highest rated banking apps in Spain
(October 2022)


Groundbreaking offer, accessible to everyone

Orange Bank was designed around a disruptive business model: democratize access to the best mobile banking and telecoms services in the world.

This pioneering app offered a host of innovative features from the start, such as displaying real-time transactions, instant transfers by SMS, contactless and mobile payments, temporary card blocking/unblocking, and a fully accessible service starting with a €0 basic subscription model regardless of income.

New features have continued to be added such as updating passwords and topping up the account via an online transfer or bank card from the app.


Femme tenant un telephone avec orange bank



Strategy built on value and quality of service

Following the launch in 2019, there has been a gradual shift towards value creation.  
The launch of the first Premium bank card enabled the bank to leverage several synergies within Orange. Already available in Orange stores, the offer has been integrated with a cashback feature for purchases made by Premium card customers. What’s more, customers can also finance devices bought through an Orange store. 

In 2020, further services were launched including a new generation of Mastercard bank cards and, in November 2020, a Premium Pack targeting parents with up to five children aged 10 and over. At the same time, the bank leveraged further synergies with the Group by adding cashback on Orange bills and insurance for stolen or damaged phones sold in store.

Since it first launched, Orange Bank has invested heavily to ensure an unmatched customer experience, increasing the frequency of app releases to deliver an optimal quality of service. These efforts have resulted in a constantly improving NPS rating and market recognition: Orange Bank was named best banking app in 2022 by MoneyVox.


Open to flagship fintechs


In January 2021, the acquisition of Anytime enabled the banking offer to be extended to professionals. Investing in this high-value market generates income and benefits both Orange Bank and the wider Group as it enriches our services to Orange pro customers while responding to strategic market challenges.


Prêt Express


In June, Orange Bank also chose the Next 40 fintech Younited to accelerate its consumer credit development. By joining forces with a flagship French Tech company that has experienced exponential growth in Europe in recent years, the partnership has led to an Express Loan offer, launched in 2022, which integrates open banking technologies for a simpler, faster and smoother customer experience.



Orange Bank Spain

Launched in November 2019, Orange Bank Spain is the first Spanish bank to come from the telecoms universe.

As a fully mobile offer, it includes a Mastercard debit card, a bank account and a savings account (1% APR/AER up to €20,000).

Available since June 2020, the Dolphin credit card enables customers to finance their device purchases, with 3 million phones financed over the course of its first year.



A responsible and committed bank

As a responsible bank, our main focus is on our customers, employees, and the environment in the broad sense.

For our customers, we have launched initiatives around our core business by developing better financial education, promoting green offers (loans, savings), placing high importance on transparency and accessibility (alerts, data protection), and finally guaranteeing a high level of security.

For our employees, we are particularly attentive to the need for teleworking, equality, and professional diversity, as well as career development through a rich training program. Our proactive approach in these fields helps us remain an attractive employer brand.

Respecting the environment requires adapting to regulations (purchases, investments, etc.) and measures to improve our energy efficiency. We also ensure our offers and services are eco-designed, and raise awareness among our teams and suppliers of the need for eco-friendly packaging, robust recycling processes, and extending the validity period of bank cards.




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