11 January 2021

Orange Bank Europe

Since it launched in France on 2 November 2017, Orange Bank has been working hard to offer mobile, committed, customer-centric, simple and secure banking. Two years later, Orange Bank launched in Spain and now totals 1.2 million customers in Europe. Focus on France.


Orange Bank in France

A 100 % mobile bank

Set up to support people’s banking needs, Orange Bank offers a 100% mobile, simple and modern experience, as defined by CEO Paul de Leusse: “Orange Bank combines the best of Orange innovation and customer experience.”

The Orange Bank app already offers all the essential banking services including a bank account with instant balance, card that can be blocked/unlocked, money transfers between contacts, adjustable personal loans and, of course, mobile payments.   


Evolving experience

To make life easier for our customers we continue to adapt our services to their uses – not the other way around. This results in an offer that’s focused on their needs as well as a smooth, intuitive and innovative experience. That’s the feedback we receive by users themselves on app stores.  




Today, Orange Bank offers

Everyday banking:

- Bank account with a Standard card: essential mobile banking services
- Bank account with Premium card: advanced mobile banking service

Lifestyle banking:

- adjustable personal loan*
- mortgage offers*
- savings account*

Specific mobile services:

- secure app
- instalment loans in Orange stores*
- insurance against theft or damage 
- mobile payments up to €1,500*

cartes banquaires orange bank

*see terms and conditions on orangebank.fr



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The bank for now

Orange Bank gives people control over their money as part of an equal, close, positive and sincere relationship.

Customers are notified whenever new charges apply and benefit from tools to manage their budget and finance their lifestyle at their own pace.

They can ask for help or advice any time of day or night from Djingo, our virtual assistant available 24/7 via our website or mobile app.

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A real bank

Even though Orange Bank is fairly new on the market, it has nonetheless satisfied all requirements of this highly demanding and regulated sector.   

In practice, Orange Bank is monitored by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR), which is an independent administrative authority attached to the Banque de France responsible for monitoring banks and insurance companies.

100% French, Orange Bank has two major shareholders: telecoms operator Orange (71%) and national bank Groupama (29%). 

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Reinventing the bank

Orange believes technology can only bring about real progress if it promotes environmental protection and digital equality. Orange Bank’s mission is to reinvent traditional banking to meet a key ambition within the Group’s Engage 2025 strategic plan.

How? By placing trust, simplicity, interactivity, transparency and empathy at the heart of our customer relationships. We’ll also continue to innovate so that we can offer the very latest advanced services and trends, as well as a fun and positive experience.  



Djingo, Orange Bank virtual assistant


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Further financial services and digital management tools for independent professionals and small businesses

Following its launch three years ago and the successful development of leading innovations in mobile banking for retail customers Orange Bank has acquired Anytime, enabling it to address the professionals and small business market

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