Latest consolidated results

Financial results at 30 June 2024

Lead the Future strategic plan delivers a strong performance

Confirmation of full-year 2024 guidance

  • Major achievements on the four strategic pillars midway through Lead the Future

  • Accelerated EBITDAaL growth in the second quarter

  • Strong cash flow generation in the first half

H124 Financial results - chart

Commenting on these results, Christel Heydemann, the Orange group’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Orange has had a very good first half with solid results that allow us to confirm the Group’s guidance. These results, which notably include a sharp increase in cash flow, continue to be driven by the remarkable performance of Africa & Middle East and the solid improvement of EBITDAaL in Europe, including in France where EBITDAaL stabilized in this first half.

This once again demonstrates our ability to execute the Lead the Future strategic plan in a constantly evolving market.

In France, our position as market leader, particularly in the high-end segment, and the excellent quality of our network and service enable us to maintain a disciplined pricing policy. We continue to launch distinctive and innovative offerings, such as the new “Orange Cybersecure” B2C cybersecurity solution, which draws on the recognized expertise of our subsidiary, Orange Cyberdefense.

In Spain, the MASORANGE teams are fully operational and are starting to deliver the initial synergies. Today, MASORANGE announces the signing of a non-binding agreement with Vodafone Spain to create a FiberCo, which would allow us to capitalize on our infrastructure.

I would sincerely like to thank all Orange colleagues for their dedication and performance during this first half. We will continue to demonstrate our know-how throughout the coming weeks of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Orange is here to connect athletes, organizers, spectators and viewers from all around the world.”

Orange group revenues rose 0.9% compared with the second quarter of 2023(1) (+85 million euros) thanks to growth in retail services (+2.4% or +182 million euros) and a smaller decline in wholesale services (-7.9% or -128 million euros), mainly related to higher unbundling and civil engineering rates in France in the first quarter.

  • Africa & Middle East is the main contributor to this growth, with revenues rising strongly (+10.3% or +177 million euros), driven by a robust performance in voice as well as double-digit increases in its four growth engines (+17.9% in mobile data, +19.2% in fixed broadband, +18.9% for Orange Money and +14.5% in B2B across all activities).
  • Revenues in France increased +0.3% (+14 million euros) thanks to the growth in retail services excluding PSTN(2) (+2.5%), in line with the Lead the Future growth target of between 2.0% and 4.0%, and a smaller decline in wholesale (-5.7%).
  • Europe declined (-2.2% or -38 million euros) due to a reduction in low-margin activities, partially offset by growth of convergent services (+7.1%).
  • The slight decrease in Orange Business revenues (-1.4% or -27 million euros) was again due to the decline in Fixed-only revenues (-7.9% or -65 million euros), partially offset by growth in IT and Integration services revenues (+4.6% or +43 million euros), led by Orange Cyberdefense (+10.6%).
  • In terms of commercial performance, the Group maintained its leadership position in convergence in Europe (including France), with a total of 9.1 million convergent customers (+1.4%), as well as its commercial momentum in mobile contracts and very high-speed fixed broadband accesses. Mobile services had 245.9 million accesses worldwide (+7.3%) including 91.1 million contracts (+10.9%). Fixed services had 38.9 million accesses worldwide (declining -3.3%) of which 13.7 million were very high-speed broadband accesses, an area that continued to show strong growth (+14.0%). Fixed narrowband accesses continued their decline (-12.8%).

The growth in EBITDAaL demonstrates the Group’s ability to implement its value strategy.
Group EBITDAaL was up 2.6% in the second quarter. In the first half of 2024, it reached 5,511 million euros (+2.5%), in line with the target of slight growth in 2024. This growth was driven by the remarkable performance of Africa & Middle East (+14.7%), by a solid performance in Europe (+4.0%) and by France (+0.3%). These more than offset the decline of Orange Business (-11.3%), which recorded an improvement compared with the first half of 2023 (+5.4 points). EBITDAaL from telecom activities grew to 5,573 million euros (+2.4%).

Group operating income in the first half of 2024 was 2,032 million euros, up 8.4% due to the increase in EBITDAaL.

Consolidated net income in the first half of 2024 was stable at 1,092 million euros (+4 million euros on a historical basis). The decrease of -172 million euros in net income from continuing operations was offset by an increase of +176 million euros in net income from discontinued operations. The contribution to net income for the first half 2024 from Spanish activities was 3 million euros(3).

Net income attributable to owners of the parent company was 824 million euros. Earnings per share, Group share (EPS) was 0.28 euros, compared with 0.30 euros in the first half of 2023.

In the first half of 2024, eCAPEX rose +2.6% to 2,921 million euros excluding Spain, in particular to support growth in Africa & Middle East. eCAPEX for telecom activities as a percentage of revenues was 14.7%, in line with the objective of around 15% in 2024. The number of households connectable to FTTH reached 57.6 million excluding Spain (+11.6%), and the FTTH customer base was 12.6 million (+14.8%).

Organic cash flow from telecom activities excluding Spain reached 1,551 million euros at 30 June 2024, in line with the target of at least 3.3 billion euros by the end of 2024. The significant improvement in cash flow generation of 17.4% year on year (+230 million euros) is mainly due to the improvement of the indicator “EBITDAaL - eCAPEX” (+64 million euros on a historical basis) and the decrease in income tax expense payments (+134 million euros).

Free cash flow all-in from telecom activities excluding Spain was 1,255 million euros, up more than 21% year on year.

Net debt fell 3,991 million euros compared with 31 December 2023, mainly due to the 4 461 million euros of proceeds received as part of the creation of the MASORANGE joint venture in Spain. The ratio of net financial debt to EBITDAaL from telecom activities fell to 1.90x at 30 June 2024, still in line with the target of approximately 2x over the medium term. The liquidity position of telecom activities of 17,391 million euros is solid and the average cost of gross debt is 2.96%.

Financial objectives

The Group can therefore confirm its financial targets for 2024(4):

  • Low single-digit growth in EBITDAaL
  • Discipline on eCAPEX
  • Organic cash flow from telecom activities of at least 3.3 billion euros
  • A ratio of net debt/EBITDAaL from telecom activities unchanged at about 2x in the medium term
  • On 5 December 2024, Orange will pay an interim dividend in cash of 0.30 euros per share for 2024. Payment of a dividend of 0.75 euros per share in respect of the 2024 fiscal year will be proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting in 2025.

Orange’s sustainability commitments

In the first half of 2024, Orange continued to make progress on its commitments.

The scores currently awarded by ESG rating agencies are positive: MSCI: A; Sustainalytics: low risk; ISS: Prime B-; CDP: A-.
The SBTi has validated Orange’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for the medium term (2030) and long term (2040).
Orange has already exceeded its goal of reducing its scope 1 and 2 CO2 emissions. This year, it launched a program with its key suppliers with the aim of jointly developing a long-term pathway toward Net Zero Carbon.
In June, Orange launched cybersecurity solutions in France in the B2C market.
The number of people who have benefited from free digital training since 2021 has reached 2.2 million, in line with the target.
Orange has published its Human Rights Policy, with commitments to promote digital citizenship, campaign for respecting privacy and freedom of expression, promote non-discrimination and equal opportunities, guarantee decent working conditions and do business with complete confidence, while mitigating the environmental impacts of its activities.

Changes in the asset portfolio

Launch of MASORANGE in Spain
MASORANGE, the 50:50 joint venture of Orange and MASMOVIL, was created on 26 March 2024 combining their activities in Spain. The Group’s Spanish operations are deemed to be discontinued under IFRS 5 until the closing of the transaction and are subsequently consolidated using the equity method in the Group’s accounts. The historical data has been restated.
In the first three months, MASORANGE has delivered synergies which are expected to reach 100 million euros in 2024, with an estimated total potential of at least 500 million euros from the fourth year following the closing of the transaction. In addition, today MASORANGE and Vodafone Spain announce the signing of a non-binding agreement to create a shared FTTH network FiberCo which would cover about 11.5 million premises in Spain including around 4 million customers.

Transactions between shareholders with no impact on the nature of the control exercised:

Merger of Orange Romania Communications into Orange Romania
In December 2023, an agreement was signed with the Romanian government setting out the key principles of the merger of Orange Romania Communications (jointly owned by Orange Romania with a 54% stake and the Romanian government with a 46% stake) with Orange Romania.
The merger between the two companies, through the absorption of Orange Romania Communications into Orange Romania, was completed in early June 2024. On completion of the transaction, the Romanian government held 20% of Orange Romania. The merger will enable Orange to implement its convergent operator strategy in Romania.

Conversion of Nethys’ stake in VOO into Orange Belgium shares
As part of Orange Belgium’s acquisition of telecommunication operator VOO in Belgium in June 2023, Nethys had the option of converting its minority interest in VOO (25% plus one share) into Orange Belgium shares by June 2025. At the end of 2023, the Board of Directors of Nethys announced its intention to convert its stake into Orange Belgium shares.
In May 2024, the Shareholders’ Meeting of Orange Belgium approved Nethys taking an 11% stake in Orange Belgium. The capital increase was carried out through the contribution in kind of all VOO shares held by Nethys. On completion of the transaction, Orange held 69.6% of the share capital of Orange Belgium. Nethys has a put option granted by Orange on its stake in Orange Belgium exercisable until March 2026.

The Board of Directors of Orange SA met on 23 July 2024 and reviewed the summary Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements and management report at 30 June 2024. In accordance with auditing standards, the Group's statutory auditors performed a limited review of the interim consolidated financial statements and verified the information presented in the interim management report.
More detailed information on the Group’s financial results and performance indicators is available on the Orange website  and Investors' Library.


(1) Unless otherwise stated, percentage changes are on a year-on-year basis, calculated against the second quarter of 2023 on a comparable basis.
(2) Public Switched Telephone Network
(3) Orange Spain net income in the first quarter of +209 million euros was offset by the share of net income of MASORANGE in the second quarter of -206 million euros.
(4) These targets are on a comparable basis and do not take into account mergers and acquisitions not yet finalized. They exclude Spain