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Published on 04 February 2020

How should you protect your personal data? Take the test!

Online or in everyday life, we’re often asked to share our personal information with companies. While the way they protect our data is subject to increased scrutiny and regulation, it is also up to us. From geek to data hater or optimist, what type of data user are you? Take the test and find out…



Find out your data type along with our accompanying advice

Immune, exposed or vaccinated: what is your level of resistance to fake news?



Chose the symbol next to the statement that applies most to you.

You’re worried about companies or third parties collecting and processing your personal data… 

picto triangle  A little.


  A lot.




  Not at all.


Do you post on social media without giving it a second thought?

picto triangle  Yes, but my privacy settings are up to date and my social networks are all in private mode.


  I don’t post much and don’t post anything personal.


  There is no way I would post anything on social media.


  Of course, I love sharing my news on social media!


In order to access a service or information, an online retailer asks for your email address…


picto triangle  I provide my ‘spam’ email address.


  I only provide it if I have no other choice, and I uncheck all the pre-checked boxes to protect myself from receiving spam from third parties.


  I close the browser and refuse!


  I always trust them and provide it, it has to be useful, right?


Do you think that asking for personal information to offer relevant services and recommendations is ethical?


picto triangle  If it is done well and is transparent, I think it’s both smart and ethical.


  It depends on whether the business specifies and shows how they will use it.


  No, I think it should be banned.


  Yes of course, I like to receive personalised offers.


Do you think GDPR is a good thing?

picto triangle  Yes of course, I was only last night thinking of marketing techniques to apply it.


  Yes, it’s a great step forward!


  Yes, but it doesn’t go far enough.


  GDP what?


As personal data protection laws become stricter, with sanctions for companies who try to avoid them, do you think brands are becoming more trustworthy?

picto triangle  If they apply the right techniques, yes, but always be cautious.


  Maybe, but I am always really careful and try not to provide too much personal information.


  It’s obvious they aren’t!


  Yes, of course.


A website is asking for personal information in exchange for some content…

picto triangle  I don’t always provide my real personal information.


  I always check how my data will be used – and I will only provide it if I really need the content.


  Seriously? No way!


  Yes, I don’t give it another thought!


How do you choose your passwords?

picto triangle  I have a secret way of setting unique passwords that I always remember.


  I choose highly secure passwords… that I sometimes forget!


  Do you really think I would tell you?


  I usually use my birthday!


You’re browsing a website when a pop up asks you to accept cookies. What do you do?

picto triangle  I check the site’s security settings, before saying yes or no.


  I usually say no… you never know.


  This system shouldn’t even exist!


  I just go ahead and accept them.


You’re at an airport or station and need to go online: do you connect to the public WiFi provided?

picto triangle  Yes, but only via a VPN and activating some secret security features.


  Only if it is an absolute emergency!


  No way. I’ll wait until I’m on a private network.


  Yes, I don’t even think about it.