Un couple s'embrasse

Published on 14 February 2020

Let’s switch off, to stay together

Because we’re a trusted partner who gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world, we’re committed to raising awareness and sharing best practices about using digital technology safely. Following the campaign we launched in September 2019, we renewed our message for Valentine’s Day. And following on from this day of romance, we still want to stay connected, but not all the time.

“Tonight is the perfect time to break up.” … “Tonight, do it (in airplane mode).” or “Switching your phone to vibrate mode… It’s tonight or never.” might not be the advice you’d expect to receive on Valentine’s Day; however, it was the message we wanted to share with couples.
We took over the most romantic evening of the year to promote our commitment to being a responsible operator.

As part of our Engage 2025  strategic plan, we’re committed to ensuring that digital technology brings benefits to as many people as possible while minimising its negative impacts. 

gif Saint Valentin VA


Continuing our campaign

We firmly believe that: “We all have great power. We all have great responsibility.”

To ensure everyone can take advantage of positive digital developments while safeguarding against its risks, we advise them to stay on the right side of technology.

Because best practices start early, we also pay attention to little ones, inviting parents to help their children use technology responsibly as soon as they receive their first phone. And before they get too connected to their screens, we remind them that too much screen time can harm children so recommend adapting the screen time to the age of the child.

So who knows, maybe a Valentine’s Day away from smartphones will result in the birth of future responsible users?