Un père et sa fille font un selfie lors d'une ballade en montagne

We all have great power. We all have great responsibility.

The digital revolution has transformed the world around us. Innovations in themselves are neither positive nor negative; it’s what we do with then that counts. They give people unparalleled freedom… but they also carry some risks that we should be aware of.


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How to calmly tackle all the problems related to digital technology

A brand can no longer just be limited to saying what it will do without actually acting and proving it.


Staying on the right side of technology

Concretely, how to overcome the risks involved in using technology in the context of family, children, private or professional life. From screen time to the daily habits we can adopt so that private life remains private, without forgetting our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint… we explore all sides of digital in our digital magazine.  

Our overarching aim is to support and advise you in the right things to do so that you can use our digital services in a safe, responsible and reasonable way.