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Published on 04 February 2020

From responsible to geek, data hater or optimist, what type of data user are you?

If you have taken a few moments to consider your relationship with data, or you already have an idea, find out what type of data user you are and benefit from a few relevant tips that might come in handy!


You’re “data savvy”

A geek at heart, you’re a secret admirer of data and AI… but not at all costs. You’re aware of the pitfalls and you know how to avoid them with a few techie tricks. Well done!

Continue to stay up to date, deepen your knowledge and don’t hesitate to share what you know with those around you, especially kids. To find out more useful apps or the latest in data and algorithms, read our Hello Future blog and newsletter.

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You’re “data responsible”

You leave nothing to chance and always weigh up the pros and cos. You clearly understand the threats and opportunities to do with how companies and organisations process personal data. If it’s relevant, you’ll trust them, but not without taking certain precautions and carrying out some checks first. We congratulate you for being careful, especially if you’re a parent. It’s through enlightened and responsible users that we can create a trusted digital world. Discover the ways in which Orange is getting involved.

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You’re a “data hater”

You’re constantly looking for ways to block your personal data from being processed. Your motto is “prevention is better than cure”, so you don’t hold much trust in the digital world and you’re highly suspicious of big data and the challenges around cybersecurity. We salute your engagement; however, did you know that data, and certainly AI, has enabled major advances in sectors such as health, access to education and energy savings? Why don’t you discuss the issue with other involved individuals on platforms such as the Digital Society Forum.

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You’re a “data optimist”

You trust that nothing bad will happen to your data. There are so many other things to worry about in the world. You’re an optimist and so much the better! However, data and digital services can pose cybersecurity risks, especially for younger populations. It’s good to be prepared, and take the right precautions as soon as possible. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the best bits about the internet and sleep soundly at night! Find out the latest security measures you should adopt via Bien vivre le digital  (in French) or discover some useful applications that can help you out!

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