Orange Bank brings unique customer experience with its virtual advisor powered by IBM Watson

First mobile bank in France with a customer relationship model based on AI technology

Orange, the leading French telecom operator, has been proposing since November 2017 a disruptive banking model with Orange Bank which has today reached nearly 100,000 customers.

"Orange Bank has entered the banking market with an innovative, new offer. Djingo powered by Watson is one of the bank's innovations. The virtual advisor brings our customers a unique experience allowing them to interact with their bank when and where they want," said André Coisne, CEO of Orange Bank.

For the French, mobile banking is becoming the preferred mode of interaction with their bank. Today, nearly two out of three (63%) French people have downloaded their bank's app on their mobile, and almost half (47%) consult their app at least once a week*.

Orange Bank offers a new quality of customer services through a virtual advisor called "Djingo", which is powered by IBM Watson (NYSE: IBM) delivered through IBM Services. Djingo answers customers' questions in natural language and model to perform actions such as blocking a card in case of loss, or unblocking it.

Available 24/7, Djingo is the first point of contact for customers and prospects with the bank. Every week, almost 24,000 conversations are performed by Djingo. Nearly 20% of these conversations take place outside traditional working hours, to meet strong demand for a continuous service.

For priority areas of service identified by the bank as requiring a human relation, such as questioning of a bank payment, Djingo hands over the discussion with the customer to an expert from the Customer Relationship Center who will be able to continue the conversation by accessing the customer's file and the history of the conversation with the virtual advisor.

The exchanges are constantly analyzed by a team of Orange Bank and IBM experts in order to improve the knowledge of the virtual advisor. Furthermore, its knowledge-base is continually enhanced with information on future products and services offered by the bank.

"Based on a continuous learning system, Djingo powered by Watson understands more than 85% of questions asked in natural language, which is already an excellent level of understanding," said Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Vice President IBM Cognitive Solutions France.

Orange Bank's new relationship model relies on IBM Watson and CRM Salesforce to create a fluent interaction regardless of the channel used. This allows for an omnichannel management approach.

Orange Bank accesses Watson services through the IBM Cloud, providing the bank with high-scalability and agility.

* "Services numériques dans la banque : Autonomie Client & Digital Care", SAB / CGI study by Next Content, carried out online in December 2017 with 1,021 people, representative of the French population connected to the Internet (based on age, sex and CSP criteria).

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About Orange Bank

Since November 2017, Orange Bank has been offering a breakthrough banking model, designed natively around customers' mobile uses. Its offer includes all basic banking services (credit card, checkbook, overdraft authorized, savings booklet, ...), as well as many innovative features such as mobile payment, the balance in real time or the transfer of money by text message. Orange Bank is accessible to all, without income conditions. Its offer will gradually be enriched with new services, including the consumer credit in early 2018. Orange Bank was born from the merger between Orange, the international leader in telecommunications, and Groupama, a pioneer of the "assurbanque". Its capital is 65% owned by Orange and 35% by Groupama. Orange, which has made diversification in mobile financial services one of its priorities, brings to the entity the power of its brand, its technological expertise and its wide distribution network. Groupama brings to Orange Bank its solid experience in the banking sector.

About IBM Watson

Watson represents a new era in computing called cognitive computing, where systems understand the world in a way more similar to humans: through senses, learning, and experience. Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time. With the help of Watson, organizations are harnessing the power of cognitive computing to transform industries, help professionals do their jobs better, and solve important challenges. As part of IBM's strategy to accelerate the growth of cognitive computing, Watson is open to the world, allowing a growing community of developers, students, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to easily tap into the most advanced and diverse cognitive computing platform available today. Watson solutions are being built, used and deployed in more than 45 countries and across 20 different industries.