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Join Orange and together let’s build a responsible digital world

As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world. Playing an active role in this collective challenge is only possible if young people are involved in a signficant and way. That’s why we offer a variety of fulfilling careers and professions within an innovative and dynamic working environment!


#LifeAtOrange: you can too!

Our open dialog with students and young professionals through workshops, interviews and studies shows:

  • Our open dialog with students and young professionals through workshops, interviews and studies shows:
  • Work/life balance doesn’t prevent young people from wanting to invest in stimulating projects or committing to a cause. 

In line with today’s transformations, we’re responding to these expectations and raising awareness through our “At Orange, you can” communication campaign. We value professional diversity, women’s access to leadership roles, work-life balance and an open approach to the international market.

Are you looking for a challenging job to match your ambitions?

Working at Orange gives you the opportunity to seize exciting professional opportunities within diverse businesses and sectors, while working in an international environment. Bridges between professions allow real prospects for career development: 5G, big data, cybersecurity, digital technology are all highly promising areas. For example, you can contribute to developing ethical and responsible AI and its positive impact on the planet. 

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Looking to upskill?

We’ve endorsed work-study training programs in France over the long term and place special emphasis on welcoming young people and supporting their careers. The Orange Apprentice Training Center welcomes young people just starting out as well as people looking to retrain. The selected candidates can also benefit from training in priority professions for the Group and tomorrow’s world: Cybersecurity, Data Analyst, Data Scientist.

Are you a young graduate with a bac +5 level? The Orange Graduate Program offers training in jobs with high responsibility and international exposure.

Finally, throughout your professional life, the Orange Campus network school offers individual support.

137,000 employees in the Group on 31 December 2023

15,000 employees on permanent contracts recruited into the Group since 2019, of which 1 in 3 is under 26 years old

36.2% women’s representation in the Group and 34.1% of management roles filled by women

Do you want to join a workplace where everyone has an active role?  

At Orange, we firmly believe in the value of diversity and inclusion within a company for driving innovation, well-being and performance. Gender equality has been central to our HR strategy for more than 15 years and is the subject of a dedicated internal governance and policymaking. 

For us, the importance of including people with disabilities in business is beyond discussion, which is why we have an active policy when it comes to recruiting and onboarding employees with a disability. In April 2021, neurodiversity was incorporated into our equal opportunities policy through the Neuroteam program. Sponsored by our CSR and HR functions, Neuroteam facilitates collaboration within teams, to limit the biases and stereotypes of neurotypical and atypical people, recruit new talent, and think differently about innovation.

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Don’t ask us, ask our employees

A pleasant working atmosphere, stimulating projects, flexible working and buildings that promote employee well-being, here are just some of the reasons why our colleagues enjoy working for Orange:   

  • Orange ranks in the Top 25 of Glassdoor's 2023 Best Employers in France with an overall score of 4.6/5. The ranking is based on opinions shared anonymously by employees.

  • Orange is accredited HappyIndex®Trainees and HappyIndex®Trainees Alternance 2024 by Choose my Company in France. More than 91% of our interns and work-study students recommend Orange for an internship or work-study program.

  • The Group is N° 2 in France in the Happy Candidates ranking of companies that best treat candidates during their recruitment process.

Orange gives everyone the opportunity to show their added value and improve their skills. 
-  Paul, Residential Call-Out Technician

I was able to develop my employee well-being skills thanks to regular feedback. There is also a lot of support for career development.
-  Amanda, HR Project Manager

Hear their “day in a life” stories within the Group