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Orange Digital Center: committed to digital equality

We have put digital equality at the heart of our objectives. Consistent with our purpose, “as a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world”, and our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we committed to open an Orange Digital Center in all of our operating countries by 2025.
Orange Digital Centers are dedicated to delivering digital innovation and training to all. This network of free and inclusive resources supports local start-ups and projects using digital technology.

Making digital an opportunity for everyone

Orange Digital Centers serve as support and development centres for everyone to gain digital and entrepreneurial skills. From coding training to small business coaching, they cover a wide range of activities. Free and open to all, the facilities promote learning based on concrete projects. Training courses in digital technology are available for students, job seekers and young people with or without qualifications.

As a true network of opportunities, Orange Digital Centers bring together several strategic programs into one place

A Code School, which acts as a center for vocational training and events.

A Solidarity FabLab, a digital manufacturing workshop that enables people to prototype and learn by “Doing”.

An Orange Fab, a start-up accelerator that forges national and international business partnerships with one or more Group entities.

Orange Ventures, 350 million investment fund with an international focus, which finances innovative startups in Orange's areas of expertise and beyond.

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Orange Digital Center reflects our convictions and determination to make digital technology a vector of positive innovation. The aim is to train young people with or without qualifications in digital skills, and encourage them to create their own start-up. We want them to take part in their country's digital transformation by encouraging them to become entrepreneurs, create local digital content and services, and thus develop their country's digital economy.

Asma Ennaifer, Director of CHR, Communication, Director of the Orange Digital Center program - Orange Middle East and Africa

Africa and the Middle East

Orange Digital Centers work closely with all stakeholders including governments (National Ministries of Education and Higher Education) and academia. We have also committed with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to joining forces to promote digital inclusion, fostering private entrepreneurship and enhance the employability of youth and women.
In Tunis, 27 partner universities participate in the scheme along with five other hubs throughout the region, to help as many people as possible make the most of digital technology.

The Orange Digital Center concept will be rolled out across all of our operating countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Working as a network, these hubs promote the exchange of experiences and expertise on a large scale. By 2025, 26 Orange Digital Centers should be opened across Africa and Europe.

How Orange Tunisia commits to supporting young people

Since the launch of the program, 21,350 young Tunisians have already been trained and coached in digital technology, and 6,970 jobs have been created, with an insertion rate of 95% in Tunisia or abroad. In addition, 1,000 middle and high school students have been introduced to coding.


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By 2025, 7 Orange Digital Centers will have opened in Europe. They answer the need for support in an increasingly digital world. Some programs are already dedicated to the professional inclusion of young people. To respond to the specific concerns of European regions, we support rural communities and/or the elderly in their use of digital technology, helping them to achieve greater autonomy. In Eastern Europe, Orange Digital Centers take part in various national programs aimed at schools and the education of young people and women.


Orange Digital Center program in France, a first in France, open to everyone

We’re welcoming people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, into our new space in Saint-Ouen-sur Seine, other France regions, and online, to discover digital tools and uses or to deepen their knowledge. Professionals and sole traders who also wish to develop their business can also attend workshops designed to boost their creativity and competitiveness. Workshops and training rely on the skills and national coverage of Orange France and its partners.

Discover the Orange Digital Center program in France

The Sustainable Development Goals

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