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Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an advisory body whose Chairman and members are appointed by the CEO. Its purpose is to make recommendations to research and innovation stakeholders on the Group’s research policy and provide information on the way in which the scientific community views how Orange and the wider telecoms sector are changing.



Each advisor is committed to helping our Group identify technological changes and formulate opinions on our research and innovation approach, on the chosen topics and on how this compares globally in terms of quality. Each member must express their judgement on Orange’s major technical and scientific options.


Scientific Council Members 2020


Gérard Berry

Gérard Berry

Président de Conseil Scientifique
Gérard Berry is a computer scientist and graduate of the École Polytechnique, Professor at the Collège de France from 2012 to 2019 (after holding the 2009-2010 chair in Informatics and Digital Sciences). He previously served as Director of Research at INRIA (2009), Chief Scientist Officer at Esterel Technologies (2001-2009), and researcher then Research Director at the École des Mines. He received the CNRS gold medal in 2014. Gérard Berry specialises in iambda calculus and functional programming, parallel and real-time programming languages and design automation for synchronous digital circuits.


Claudie Haigneré

Claudie Haigneré graduated as a rhuematologist and completed a doctorate in neurosciences. A member of the European Astronaut Corps, she carried out two space missions, on MIR space station and the ISS. She has held the positions of Minister of Research and Minister of European Affairs under Jacques Chirac. She also curated the Palais de la Découverte and the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie. As a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour and member of the Academy of Technologies, she has recently served as principal advisor to the Director General of ESA
Claudi Haigneré



Valérie Schafer

Valérie Schafer

Valérie Schafer is a Professor in Contemporary European History at C²DH (Centre for Contemporary and Digital History) at the University of Luxembourg and Associate Researcher at the Centre for Internet and Society (CNRS). Her research focuses on the history of the Internet and the web and the history of European digital culturea and infrastructures.  


Raja Chatila

Raja Chatila is Professor Emeritus at Sorbonne University and specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Chairman of the IEEE Global Initiative for ethical considerations of in Artificial Intelligence and systems, Co-Chairman of the “Responsible AI” group of the Global Partnership on AI, member of the National Pilot Committee for Digital Ethics and Fellow of the IEEE.


raja chatila


Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Anne-Marie Kermarrec is a Professor in computer science at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) where she specialises in distributed systems. Before that she was CEO of the start-up Mediego (content personalisation services for online publishers), which she founded in 2015.

She has also served as Research Director at Inria Rennes (2004-2015), as well as a researcher at Microsoft Research (2000-2004) and Vrije Universiteit (NL). She has been an ACM fellow since 2016 and member of the European Academy since 2013.


Olivier Festor

Olivier Festor is a Professor in computer science at the University of Lorraine and Director of TELECOM Nancy. His research interests are in network security, monitoring and configuration. He has been active for more than 25 years in the network and service management scientific community, publishing more than 150 international articles. In 2019, he received the Dan Strokesberry Prize awarded by the IEEE COMSOC.

He developed and oversaw the first European network of excellence in network supervision at Inria before leading research at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology ICT Labs.


Olivier Festor


Pierre Noel Giraud

Pierre-Noël Giraud

Pierre Noël Giraud, Mines general engineering graduate, is a professor of economics at Mines ParisTech and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Morocco (Chair of UM6P/Mines ParisTech: Industrial Economics of Emerging Africa), as well as at Dauphine PSL (Chair of Finance and Sustainable Development). He is the author of numerous books, including “World inequality” (Gallimard. 2019) and “Redundant people: at the centre of our economic policies” (Odile Jacob. 2018). In 2016, Pierre Noël Giraud received the Grand Prix Turgot in recognition of his contribution to economics. He is a founding member of the Académie des Technologies.