How Orange is supporting the shift to e-health

As a trusted operator providing on-the-ground local support, we’re supporting the digital transformation of healthcare providers to improve the quality of care and promote access to as many people as possible. During the health crisis, digital technology took a central role, and we’re now looking at developing new services for the sector.



E-health: nearly 15 years of expertise

We have provided fixed and mobile connectivity and digital services for the healthcare sector since 2007. Hospitals and health authorities have benefited from our flexible, robust and reliable infrastructure.

In the face of ever-increasing cyberattacks, we offer comprehensive IT protection (access rights and clearances, password management, privacy and data integrity). Following our acquisition of Enovacom in March 2018, we can now offer interoperability solutions that facilitate data sharing between healthcare institutions.

We also provide data warehouses to centralise the storage of patient information and are one of the major certified healthcare data hosting (HDS) players in France. Finally, we offer data analytics services that enable, among other things, better management and analysis of the clinical effects of certain drugs.



A growing market

billion in 2020

billion by 2027



Orange identified health early on as an opportunity for growth and diversification, taking stock of the fundamental trends that are shaping the sector: ageing population, rising chronic diseases, digitisation of care pathways and health data...

Carmen Merida Campos, Director of Strategic Analysis and Guidance within the Group’s Strategy division.




More recently, the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of new digital health services. The number of virtual doctor’s appointments, for example, increased from 29,000 in December 2019 to 450,000 in the summer of 2020 - peaking at 4.5 million during the spring lockdown.

5G will provide new opportunities in predictive medicine, telemedicine/telesurgery and home care. Thanks to the reliability and speed of 5G connections, in the event of an accident or emergency, on-site emergency services can connect with consultants in hospitals.

Finally, while the health crisis has highlighted the essential role of digital technology in terms of the continuity of care, it can also provide a response to medical deserts by enabling everyone to access the care they need.



Public health partner around the world

In Africa and the Middle East, for several years Orange has been a preferred partner of governments, NGOs and foreign aid initiatives. Digital health solutions include the M-vaccine platform, which is dedicated to raising awareness and strengthening immunisation coverage. In 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with the Global Fund to develop innovative e-health solutions to reduce the prevalence of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa. Established in Morocco before being extended to other countries, it improves access and quality of care through remote monitoring of patients using digital platforms.



Accelerating our e-health business with Enovacom

In October 2020, we consolidated all of our health activities into a single entity, Enovacom. The aim is to set up a central hub and accelerate the value created for health stakeholders. Already a recognised player in the French health ecosystem and present in 1,600 hospitals in France, Enovacom is a leader in medical IT interoperability services. It also has a strong foothold in Europe and Canada.

We intend to draw on Enovacom's expertise to expand our portfolio of solutions and achieve our ambition of becoming a leader in e-health in France and Europe. “Now more than ever" says Laurent Frigara, Managing Director of Enovacom, "we need to work alongside those who care for us in order to improve medical devices … Our commitment at present is to develop new products to meet the current and future needs of our 1,600 customers”.




Launch of a joint venture dedicated to health innovation

Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange have announced the creation of a joint venture with the ambition of accelerating the development of concrete health solutions to directly benefit patients. It will bring together the four founding companies and start-ups, schools, hospitals and universities, in a process of collaboration and combined expertise. The first deliverable will be a digital platform launched in June 2021. A physical campus will open in Paris by the end of the year.