Our Integrated Annual Report

Every year, Orange publishes its Integrated Annual Report during the Shareholders’ Meeting. It includes financial and non-financial information that is essential to understanding the Group. It also demonstrates how we create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

It was first published in its current form in 2016, by merging our Annual Report with our CSR Report to respond to the growing expectation that companies should contribute to social, ethical and environmental issues.

The aim of our Integrated Annual Report

Our publication reflects our commitments as a Group and sets out our global approach, which is guided by our purpose and strategic vision while highlighting the value of our greatest asset: our employees.

We report on our key social, ethical, economic, and environmental performance indicators backed by evidence, and combined with our strategic plan, business model and governance bodies. Since 2020, our report also includes how we contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the ones where we can have a major impact.

Our Integrated Annual Report is also aligned with the framework set out by the International Integrated Reporting Council, an international organization of regulators, standards bodies, investors, businesses, auditors and NGOs.

It relies on a collective effort to gather information and contributions from the Group’s countries and entities. The steering committed brings together representatives from our Shareholder Relations, CSR, Strategy, Legal, Brand and Risk Management teams.

We share this publication with all of our external stakeholders, including our shareholders, investors, journalists, customers, public actors, local authorities and job applicants, as well as all Orange employees.