orange s'engage pour un monde numérique responsable

For a safer digital world

We champion a vision of a positive digital world where technology is ethical, responsible and inclusive, and enables everyone to create value for themselves and others. We’re committed to using digital technology to enable a more open, fair and secure society where everyone has the same opportunities, rights and individual freedoms.

Orange sits on the Board of Directors of the Global Network Initiative (GNI), an alliance of internet and telecommunications companies that protects freedom of expression and privacy against government demands.

Designing offers and services that guarantee data privacy and security

Maintaining control over personal data in an increasingly data-intensive world is one of today’s critical challenges. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring data protection, privacy and security. As the European leader in cybersecurity, we also help you manage your online presence and practices more responsibly while keeping you up to date on risks.

Ensuring we respect fundamental freedoms and human rights

From facial recognition to today’s phones and connected objects, video and data storage… many of our everyday digital uses affect our fundamental freedoms. We’re committed to identifying risks and preventing violations of human rights and equality. This is crucial for helping to develop an inclusive and ethical digital world.

Providing the keys to autonomy and empowerment

We believe digital technology can be a powerful lever for socio-economic development, where everyone is empowered to achieve more. This is key to promoting social inclusion, developing essential services in healthcare, education, employment, and supporting local entrepreneurship. These are major priorities when it comes to generating growth and driving digital transformation in all our territories.

Staying up to date on how digital impacts our lives

It’s important to understand how the digital world affects our daily lives. That’s why we play a proactive role in raising awareness among our audiences of the impacts of screen time, how to keep their personal data private and what they can do to adopt more eco-friendly digital habits.
Guided by our purpose, our ambition is to offer everyone the keys to a safe and enlightened use of digital technology.

The Sustainable Development Goals

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