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Published on 09 November 2022, updated on 04 June 2024

Safe Zone: how Orange is innovating by creating trusted spaces on gaming platforms

Immersive technologies such as gaming platforms and virtual reality offer an exciting new user experience, but they still lack certain controls. At Orange, several innovative projects are underway to integrate trusted services into these new worlds. One such case is Safe Zone, which provides a safe space against cyberbullying on some of the major online gaming platforms, where children around the world now spend a lot of their time.

Raise awareness and protect young users

To put our words into actions when it comes to our commitment to promoting responsible technology and raising awareness amongst youngsters, we have designed a dedicated Safe Zone that can be accessed on popular online games and virtual worlds.

Integrated into each platform’s gameplay, the Safe Zone offers a series of questions and answers that address the risks associated with immersive technologies in a playful way. A second feature enables victims of cyberbullying or witnesses of harassment to access support.

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We set up Safe Zones on two platforms that are highly popular among young gamers. In Fortnite, there are now Safe Zone cabins on six islands which can be accessed by several million users. On Roblox, The Impossible Obby minigame will incorporates cyberbullying awareness and protection booths.

An innovative experience to reward responsible use

When playing the game, it’s easy to spot an Orange Safe Zone. Once inside, you’re greeted by a bot - the Orange Droid - who will guide you to the Experience space. Correctly answering questions on cyberbullying unlocks “surprises” to help you earn rewards on the platform. You’re therefore continually informed of how to use VR and online platforms responsibly.

Emergency assistance in the event of cyberbullying

As soon as you enter the Safe Zone, you can press a “jump to talk” button that can stay active. This keeps communications open with the Orange Droid so you can alert it to any case of cyberbullying and, whether you’re the victim or a witness, receive advice about how to tackle it. You can also contact a support service via a QR code or message that displays the number to call.

Three milestones since the creation of Safe Zones


Six months after they launched on Fortnite, our Safe Zones have welcomed more than 2 million visitors to learn about responsible uses. Over 800,000 unique visitors have used the Safe Zones alert button.


In June 2023, we ran an awareness campaign with six popular gamers, including streamer Kaatsup. Women are particularly targeted by cyberbullying (40% say they have already been victims of sexual harassment or threats in online games according to an IFOP study). That's why we're strengthening our anti-cyberbullying measures by giving the floor to ambassadors who can explain the principles behind Safe Zones and how to use them to keep everyone protected.


Because the fight against cyberbullying is a battle that cannot be waged alone, we're making open-source tools available to all "mappers" & video game creators to make video games a safe place for everyone.

Orange, a trusted Web3 operator

We continue to help customers discover innovative concepts and new experiences such as immersive technologies. However, these innovations entail a certain amount of risk which, as a trusted brand, we alert people too, along with how to stay safe. Initiatives such as Orange Safe Zone support our vision of ethical, responsible, and inclusive digital technology.