We can all adopt more eco-friendly habits

From unplugging your phone when it’s fully charged to opting for e-bills and recycling old smartphones… there are so many little things that can add up to make a big difference.



Everyone has a role to play in reducing the environmental impact of new technologies.

So why not start by doing the simple things right on a daily basis.

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Encouraging the circular economy

#1 Give unwanted equipment a second life

Do you have a drawer-full of old smartphones? Bringing them to a collection point means they can be recycled according to environmental standards. You can also donate them to help people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford one.

#2 If it’s from Orange it can go back to Orange

Upgraded your equipment? Moving house? Remember you can give your old routers and set top boxes back to Orange. Good for your wallet, as you’ll get the deposit back, and good for the environment as some of our equipment can have up to 7 lives!

#3 Go the eco-design route

Eco-design means that products incorporate greener elements throughout their lifecycle, from initial design to end of life. Did you know that this approach halves the carbon footprint of digital devices?  Packaging can also be optimised in terms of weight, material (cardboard) and ink, which should be vegetable based to be kinder on the environment.

#4 Sort it out

Preserving our natural resources, limiting greenhouse gasses, saving energy, supporting the local economy… sorting packaging has a lot of benefits. Orange sorts all of its cardboard packaging, here are a few things you can do too.



Greener actions to save resources and energy


#5 On of off, no half measures

Your devices waste electricity when they’re left in standby mode. Leaving your home or office? If you’re off, turn them off!

#6 Unplug

Did you know that chargers left in sockets, even if they have no device attached, consume electricity? To save energy, unplug your devices when they’re fully charged.

#7 Don’t charge all night long

Your smartphone carries on using electricity even when the battery is fully charged, so don’t leave it plugged in overnight. It can’t charge more than 100%, promise!

#8 Invoices yes, but electronic

E-bills simplify your life and also help the environment. They’re available when you need them while saving paper. Trees are vital, a proven fact. Hug them don’t print your bills on them.

#9 Change your browsing habits

Did you know that the surf engine Ecosia donates 80% of its profits to help reforestation in endangered areas around the world? On the same lines, look out for websites that have a low-tech option to offset the high energy consumption of apps and web platforms.

Learn more about saving energy at home


Eco-habits at work

#10 Carpool

Try your hand at carpooling for your commute and not just at weekends. There are plenty of apps dedicated to commuting and car-sharing: BlaBlaLines, Klaxit and more…

#11 Video is the new meeting

Why not use videoconferencing instead of your car to attend your business meetings? There are several technical solutions to enable this great habit. Free yourself from the stress of travel while doing your bit for the environment.

#12 We all love a mug

The days of the single-use plastic cup are numbered. However you can use a mug indefinitely. From the mug your kids designed to the one your friend brought back from vacation… bring it to the office.



And how about Orange?

Each day, we allow everyone to save resources