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How Orange Money promotes financial inclusion

With its focus on driving inclusion, Orange Money offers a payment and money transfer service that allows millions of people to carry out safe and secure financial transactions. What’s more, it also offers financial services such as loans and savings through Orange Bank Africa and in partnership with other banks in countries not covered by the solution.
Our ultimate goal is to make people’s lives easier, whether individuals, entrepreneurs, governments, or institutions.

Orange Money, a service built on trust

Why people chose Orange Money ?

1 Security
Whether online or via a local agent, the Orange Money platform protects transactions for peace of mind.

2 Conveniance
People can trust us to access their money wherever they are via an extensive network of more than 600,000 points of sale.

3 Simplicity
Our intuitive mobile app and accessible interfaces enable anyone to manage their finances effortlessly.

millions de comptes opened

billion euros in transactions

+600 000

+2 millions
in loans granted

Access Orange Money services via the Max It super app

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Orange Money is now available to everyone via our super app Max It, helping them to enjoy a seamless user experience.
In addition to person-to-person transactions, and cash deposits and withdrawals, Max It brings a whole world of handy services for individuals and entrepreneurs together into a single digital interface – from payments and transfers to loans and savings, insurance and international money transfers.


Committed to financial inclusion

Our goal is to ensure Orange Money is an open, universal, international, and interoperable solution that benefits everyone.


  • An increasing number of women are using Orange Money to become micro-entrepreneurs. Increased control over their finances gives them greater empowerment and equality.

  • Mobile payments in the education sector ensure teachers receive timely salary payments.

  • Orange Money helps disadvantaged communities access and pay for essential services such as electricity and drinking water.


Orange afrique

Orange Bank Africa, the digital bank in West Africa

Orange has partnered with the regional banking and insurance company NSIA to offer innovative credit and savings offers via Orange Bank Africa, strengthening financial inclusion in the Africa and Middle East region.
As an online banking solution, Orange Bank Africa is open 24 hours a day and offers everyone flexible pricing conditions regardless of their status or income, while maintaining a high level of fraud protection.
Loan eligibility is determined through an algorithm that allows for a 10-second decision, identifying customer profiles via their credit behavior. This digital banking model offers adapted financial services to a wide range of customers and is a solid example of financial inclusion in the MEA region.

The upcoming launches of Orange Microfinance in Guinea and Orange Bank Africa in Senegal will further expand Orange’s online financial services in these countries, with the same beneficial effects on financial inclusion.


Regulated activity

There are strict compliance requirements when it comes to mobile money governance. That’s why we’ve set up a regulated institution, or “Etablissements Régulés Orange Money”, with Central Bank approval in the countries where we operate.
Our ambition is to make Orange Money accessible to as many people as possible, in strict compliance with Central Bank regulations.