Fatoumata, Cloud Operations and Support Manager at Orange Business Senegal: “I’m supporting digital transformation in Africa”

Fatoumata works in Cloud Operations and Support for Orange Business Senegal in Dakar. Here, she talks about her job and why she chose to work for Orange.


Discover the portrait of Fatoumata, Cloud Operations and Support Manager at Orange Business Senegal

Photo de Fatoumata


Fatoumata, can you tell us about your job in a few words?

I support our business customers’ digital projects, from hosting their IT systems in our data centers to virtual application hosting, corporate messaging, websites, data backups, and more. I manage a team of engineers and we collaborate with many other teams (support teams, pre-sales, marketing, DSI, networks…).


Why did you choose Orange?

Orange is an international group with a large footprint in Africa, and it is also a major digital player. These are the two aspects that appealed to me, as I want to support digital transformation in Africa.


Why does your job appeal to you?

Every customer and every project is specific. This means I work across a variety of business sectors (education, health, banking, agriculture…), and for different types of companies, even for the State.


How does your job contribute to digital equality?

The on-demand cloud service offers agility and flexibility as well as saving time and money. All of this facilitates and contributes to innovation, simplifying digital technology for many users.


You work in a male environment, how to do you get on with your male colleagues?

At Orange Business Senegal, there are indeed more men than women. However, I have never experienced sexism. What we highlight are our skills and talents! This is also quite representative of the situation in engineering schools. The training courses are not necessarily designed for women, but I think this is changing for the better: digital technology is appealing for everyone and many ‘role models’ are attracting young girls to the sector.


What are the main challenges in your job?

Understanding the customer's needs and providing them with the appropriate response. For example, we manage many complex projects with customers in West Africa, starting with international connectivity to connect our data center to their headquarters in their country, followed by access to our cloud. This requires a large management effort to ensure customer satisfaction. This is essential because not only do they want to stay with us, of course, but they also become an ambassador and recommend Orange Business to other potential customers.