Masooma, Network Project Manager at OINIS in Virginia, USA : “at Orange, people care”

Masooma Jamil is a Network Project Manager in OINIS (Orange International Networks Infrastructures and Services). In Herndon, (Virginia, USA), she works on implementing backbones for all the American region. Discover her job.


Discover the portrait of Masooma, Network Project Manager in ONIS (Orange International Networks Infrastructures and Services), United States

Photo de Masooma Jamil


What do you do on a daily basis at work?

I deal with telecommunication companies to track deliverables, multiple portals (internal and external customer based). I do meetings for project tracking with those telcos as well as internal Orange Business entities.


Why did you choose Orange?

Initially, it was because it was closer to my home! But afterwards, even upon different job offers, I decided to stay here because of the culture and values this company holds. At Orange, people care. You can feel that you work with humans! Also, the Group offers many opportunities, regardless of which country you are based, your background or your gender.


How do you find your job attractive?

The most attractive part of the job is the constant changing. We keep up with the new products in the industry and we are constantly upgrading our networks and equipment to accommodate customers’ needs and market. This has 2 benefits: it keeps me engaged and my knowledge constantly grows.


You work in a male environment, how is the collaboration with your male colleagues?

Honestly, I don’t feel the difference. Men and women are equally treated. We all deal with mutual respect, professionalism and this provides mental peace and security as well.


What are the main challenges in your job?

I face challenges daily because it is not just one project I have to deliver but several at the same time. My biggest challenge is to assure the deliverables on time to avoid project delays, because it’s not only in my hands, but it also depends on internal and external entities and I’m the one bringing all the pieces together.