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Our purpose: the compass that guides our actions

At Orange, our purpose defines and informs our social and environmental commitments and how we contribute to solving global issues, which are shared by our employees, customers and stakeholders.


Our purpose

As a trusted partner, Orange gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world.


Our mission is to ensure that digital services are well thought-out, made available and used in a more caring, inclusive, and sustainable way in all areas of our business. Orange does everything in its power to ensure people and organisations enjoy a more autonomous, secure digital life. Through the engagement and expertise of the Group’s teams, Orange employs innovative technologies and services everywhere, and for everyone.



Why do we have a purpose?

In 2019, the PACTE law changed the way a company was defined in the French Civil Code. This enabled companies to specify and include their purpose into their articles of association, describing their social and/or environmental business commitments. To anticipate this development, we launched a process to co-define our purpose and, in May 2020, we were among the first CAC 40 companies to incorporate our purpose into our bylaws.

Our purpose emphasizes the Group’s long-term vision and commitment to the role we want to play in society. As an economic player of course, to create value for our entire ecosystem. As a digital technology provider, to contribute to the common good. As an operator, to connect territories and deploy services that enable progress and equal opportunities, while continuing to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities. And overall, to support education, provide digital training for young people, accelerate start-ups and come together to create positive and meaningful solutions that enable everyone to live with confidence in today’s digital world.


A purpose linked to our employees and stakeholders

The Orange purpose was co-defined in 2019 through a consultation with employees and stakeholders. This transparent and consultative approach generated a great deal of support, with 2,300 proposals received and more than 130,000 votes cast by employees across the Group.



Turning our purpose into concrete actions

Our 4 commitments are supported by concrete actions, measured through objectives and key performance indicators. Our governance body, the Comité Raison d’Agir, helps our management team drive sustainable transformation based on a strong purpose.

This Committee comprised of seven external experts and 2 members of the executive committee (3 women, 4 men) holds 3 sessions a year and makes recommendations in order to best align our actions with our purpose.

  • Jadwiga Czartoryska, director of Polish foundations and former Director of the Orange Poland Foundation,
  • Axel Dauchez, CEO of Make.org,
  • Alan Fustec, President of the Lucie Agency and Kerlotec,
  • Nicolas Glady, Dean and President of Télécom Paris,
  • Caroline Guillaumin, Executive Vice President of Communication at Orange
  • Ebba Kalondo, spokesperson for the Chairperson of the African Union Commission,
  • Philippe Lemoine, President of Forum d’Action Modernités,
  • Elizabeth Tchoungui, Executive Director CSR, Diversity and Philanthropy at Orange,
  • Hélène Valade, Environmental Development Director at LVMH and President of ORSE (Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises).