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Give your phone a second life with Orange



Orange is committed to mobile device recycling, having collected back more than 20 million phones since 2010. Our ambition is to go even further.

Hundreds of millions of phones are still sleeping in our drawers and we think it's time to wake them up. We want everyone to know how easy it is to “bring their phone back to the store”.

Equipment manufacturing represents the biggest impact of digital technology on the environment. Returning your phone and giving it a second life can help preserve our planet’s resources and therefore reduce this impact.


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Orange: virtuous circle of recycling

The Group has been involved in phone recycling for several years, having already collected back 20 million since 2010.

By promoting recycling, we’re responding to the French anti-waste law that will promote a circular economy through four ambitions that we also uphold:

  • Put an end to waste to preserve natural resources
  • Strengthen consumer information;
  • Lobby manufacturers to transform manufacturing processes
  • Improve waste collection and help combat illegal dumping

It’s easy to recycle your phone

All you need to do is stop by an Orange shop and drop the phone off in the recycling bin provided. For extra security, we make sure all your personal data is wiped from the phone.

We offer a recycling facility in:
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

In France you can print a pre-paid returns label to stick on an envelope, which also includes instructions on how to send your unwanted phone to Ateliers du Bocage, an Orange partner that specializes in device refurbishment and recycling.


Reconditioned phones

34% of respondents say they would consider a reconditioned phone to “promote recycling and reuse”. Source: Kantar TNS.

Already 60% of French people have bought a second-hand product in the last 6 months. Nearly a quarter have now bought a pre-loved smartphone, a trend that’s increasing strongly among 16- to 34-year-olds. (source: Harris Interactive Cetelem, Opinion Way).



Reconditioned is double as good


Greener for the planet and kinder on your wallet! Orange is now offering a range of reconditioned phones at competitive prices, with a one-year warranty on all brands.

We offer reconditioned phones in:
Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia


Phone returns

We usually upgrade our smartphones even if there’s nothing wrong with them. If your smartphone still works, why not keep hold of it? However, if this is the route you wish to take, your old phone is probably still worth something.

Simply bring your unwanted device into an Orange shop in return for a discount or voucher based on the current market value.

Thanks to this service, more than 1 million mobiles have been returned since 2022.

We offer phone buy-back in:
France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Moldova, Spain, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia



Phone repair

78% of Orange customers want their phones to be more easily repaired. That’s why we have developed repair services in each of our European countries. Fixing everyday phone problems saves on costs and extends its life, even outside the warranty period.

As an added bonus, Orange often offers a replacement mobile while yours is in for repair.

We offer phone repair in:
Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia


Solidarity sector

Through our partnership with Emmaüs International, we are the only operator to offer an end-to-end solidarity sector that both promotes the circular economy and helps create jobs in France and Africa. In France, all profits from recycling are donated to the association, which helps excluded populations and tackles poverty. What’s more, for each mobile phone collected back in France, we donate €2 to Emmaüs International: the opportunity to combine a great eco-initiative and a great cause!

Recycling 25,000 mobiles creates one new full-time job in france.

Creating jobs in Africa

With 5 workshops operating since 2010 (Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Niger and Cameroon) – processing 400,000 mobiles a year between them – 27 jobs have been created in terms of collecting and mobile phone waste ready to send back to France for recycling. Find out more about our local partners in Africa.

In France

To sort through all the mobiles collected, we partner with Ateliers du Bocage, which is based in France. These workshops can refurbish around 10% of devices that are in good working order, recover any raw materials that can be recycled, and then get rid of any non-recyclable waste.



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