Illustration de main sur un volant avec des messages lu sur le côté

Smartphone: best practices for driving safely

Our purpose is to help people use digital technology more responsibly and therefore forms the basis for our guide to road safety when taking your phone out and about with you.

Every day, more than 224 million people use Orange’s mobile services. As our world becomes more connected, it has never been easier to send texts, share photos, watch videos, and tell your loved ones what you’re up to, even on the move.

Whether in the car, on two wheels or even on foot, mobile phones can distract you or reduce your visibility.

That’s why it’s important to use your phone responsibly by following these tips.


Good Practice guide

In the car, turn your phone to silent mode

Before you set off, turn your phone to silent mode – or even better, airplane mode – and use your voicemail to tell people you’re driving. Alternatively, give your phone to one of our passengers so they can answer for you.

Set your GPS before departure

It only takes a few seconds: prepare your map and directions hitting the road or ask your passenger to do so. On a bike or scooter, use a smartphone holder. Remember, some countries don’t allow you to hold your phone even when cycling.


Pull over to write a text or call

If you need to check your messages, make calls, or send texts or emails, stop in a safe place: car park, parking space, rest area etc.

Put your phone away on two wheels too

If you’re on a bike or motorbike, use a phone holder, activate your messaging service, or stow your phone away completely. Even on two wheels, using headsets and earphones could lead to a prosecution for careless cycling, and in some countries it’s prohibited. If you must use your phone, stop in a suitable place.


Even on foot, pay attention to the road

When walking down the street, it is important to stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings. If you want to stare at your cell phone screen, stop.


This vision is part of a global program supported across our Group.