Smartphone: best practices for driving safely

As the bigger summer getaway 2020 gets underway, Orange reminds you that “using your phone or driving” means there’s a choice between the two.


You need your phone to send texts and photos, watch video and share what you’re up to with your loved ones.
That’s why we’re doing everything we can to bring you closer together, not further apart.
Whether you’re on four wheels, two wheels or on foot, mobile phones can distract you and reduce your visibility.

Please use your phone responsibly when you’re on the road by following our Good Practice guide.


Good Practice guide


Using my voicemail

Before you set off, turn your phone to silent mode and use your voicemail to tell people you’re driving. Alternatively, give your phone to one of your passengers so they can answer for you.

Pulling over to write texts or emails

If you need to check or make calls, or send texts or emails, stop in a safe place: car park, parking space, rest area etc.

Putting my phone away

If you’re on a bike or motorbike, make sure your voicemail is on and your phone is safely stored away. If you want to use your phone, stop in a suitable place first.

Pay attention to your surroundings

As a pedestrian too, it’s a good idea to avoid using your mobile phone while walking along.



This vision is part of a global programme that is supported by all of our operating countries.