Vincent Gimeno

Portrait of Vincent Gimeno

Director representing the employees

Vincent Gimeno, born in 1966, is an expert in innovation and management of technical projects with a strong strategic dimension.

After graduating with a postgraduate degree in Submarine Engineering, with a specialisation in robotics and telecommunications, he began his career at the R&D department of France Télécom (at the CNET - Centre National d'Études des Télécommunications), where he managed the transition to the year 2000. Then, he took the IT and technical responsibility for the Orange R&D sites in Caen, Rennes and Grenoble (France).

In 2006, he strengthened his experience in open innovation and launched several collaborative projects in Machine to Machine and Internet of Things within Orange Labs where he managed a Research and Development Unit.

His human side and his commitment led him to continue his career as User Satisfaction and Ergonomics Project Director in the Information System Technical Department and in 2015 he was appointed Deputy Central Trade Union Delegate, in charge of Employment and Skills Planning (GPEC), digital transformation and international affairs. In this capacity, he was Deputy Secretary of the World Group Committee (from 2015 to 2019) and a full member of the Europe Group Committee until his election to the Orange Board of Directors on 3 December 2021. He obtained IFA/SciencesPo Company Director certification in 2023. He is a French national.