Nicolas Guérin

Secretary General for the Group

Nicolas Guérin joined the Group in 1998 within the Competition and Regulatory Affairs division, after a period at SFR, arriving at the time of deregulation in the sector. He took over as Head of Legal Affairs in 2003, and became the Group’s EVP of Legal Affairs in 2009. In this position, he was a leading contributor to many ground-breaking legal cases for the Group, including the roaming agreement with Free in 2012, M&A transactions relating to our footprint expansion in Africa and also Europe with the acquisition of Jazztel, and diversification, whether content-related or financial services-related with Orange Bank. He has also lent essential support when it comes to complying with regulation implemented on the business market, and more recently to the mobile agreement signed between the mobile operators and the French State. On 1 March 2018, Nicolas Guérin was appointed Secretary General and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

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