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Orange Business Services, the Orange entity dedicated to companies and organisations, is your partner for digital transformation and network expertise.
At Orange Business Services, we connect, protect and innovate, all over the world, to achieve sustainable business growth.



We’re a network-native global digital services company. From networks to the cloud, IoT, AI, and security… data is at the heart of our expertise, our customers’ challenges, and the new services that we’re creating to help grow their businesses. Orange Business Services promises to “Create a positive impact”, illustrating our desire to bring lasting and tangible benefits to companies, and to be a responsible player vis-à-vis society and the environment. This is the key message in our latest communication campaign: We turn data into ta-da!





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Support at every step of the data journey

Thanks to our dual expertise as an operator and IT service integrator, we are well-placed to support companies at each stage of their digital journey: from SDN networks to multi-cloud services, data analytics, AI, smart mobility and cybersecurity.

Our DNA as a telecoms operator brings us unique expertise in integration, delivery and solutions management. This is a major advantage in an environment where telecoms and IT services are now converging. It enables us to build an end-to-end integration offer that combines our own solutions and those of our partners. 

Today more than ever, businesses are facing profound change. Data as the second wave of digital transformation, along with increased connectivity, are opening up new possibilities for creating value and differentiation. Companies are now looking for the best way to adopt real-time business solutions. 



In 2025, 60% of the world’s data will come from businesses as part of a booming “datasphere”up from 40% in 2016.  

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In this context, companies, whatever their size, industry or location, must be able to reinvent and differentiate the offer they bring to market by making the most of their data.

We can help them all along their data journey, from collection and transport to storage, processing, analysing and sharing, enhancing the benefits for each of our customers.

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Co-innovation to enhance business performance

Since innovation is essential for modern business, our ambition at Orange Business Services is to bring our customers into the heart of an open collaborative ecosystem that includes our own 27,000 business experts as well as our broader range of skills across Orange, technology and business partners and start-ups selected for specialised knowledge.  


2 400
Experts in data and IA 

2 400
Experts in Cloud, engineers and project leads dedicated to business transformation 

2 300
Orange Cyberdefense experts

Developers, integrators, IoT and digital experts 



Illustration d'un globe terrestre

Teams present in more than 100 countries to deploy and supervise your networks and digital solutions on a daily basis.

11 CyberSocs bringing together the best expertise in threat analysis  
17 SoCs around the world that monitor and react to events 24/7/365  
Major Service Centres (MSC) spread on each continent delivering 24/7 multi-lingual support 
70 Data centres


By combining all specific expertise and the power of the entire Group, we offer a unique value proposition for companies.

B2B is one of Orange’s priority growth axes as part of its Engage 2025 strategic plan. The ambition for Orange Business Services is to generate more than half of its revenue from new connectivity services (SD-WAN, 5G) and IT services in 2023.

More than 2 million professionals, companies and communities in France and 3,000 multinationals trust us today.




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