How Orange meets all your entertainment needs

Our multi-service strategy is central to our Engage 2025 plan and remains one of the Group’s strategic pillars. Content services and distribution has been an essential component of this for more than 15 years. Our ambition is to maintain and develop our role as a content super-aggregator so that we can continue to take a central place in the ever-evolving entertainment sector.


Our mission: to offer an attractive content proposition and unique TV experience today, while creating a great tomorrow.

Content distribution is an essential part of our strategy as a multi-service operator. We are committed to offering diverse, high-quality content, available any time, at home and on the move, across all networks and platforms.
With our 10 million TV customers, powerful networks and presence in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, we are an essential partner for multiple players in the world of content.



Our content strategy is mainly based on developing partnerships with rights holders and service providers, positioning the Group as a super-aggregator and distributor of content.


The following partnerships enable us to offer a diverse and high-quality range of content:

  • TV: France Télévisions, TF1, M6, AB, Disney, beIN SPORTS, Netflix, FilmoTV, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube
  • Film and series for Orange’s VOD offer and OCS: HBO, UGC, Sony Pictures Television, Studio Canal, Wild Bunch, BBC, Pathé, Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, Fox, Starz, and Eone


Content as a field of innovation and tool for enhancing our networks

Because our networks allow us to transmit ever more data, they open the path to groundbreaking new experiences both on fixed networks with fiber and on mobile networks with 4G and 5G. Content also contributes to developing innovation and enhancing our networks, such as with AR/VR, which illustrates the ever increasing possibilities offered by 5G.


Orange Content, the umbrella for Orange’s content strategy

Created in 2017, Orange Content brings together several resources and 3 business activities:

Orange Studio, subsidiary of the Orange Group focused on the co-production, acquisition, distribution and international sale of films and series.

OCS, the premium service for fans of films and series, available via linear broadcasting or on demand.

Orange Prestations TV, our broadcasting platform.

Orange Content also looks after service acquisitions on behalf of the entire Group (OCS, VOD services) and negotiates the programming for multi-territory SVOD and TV services with third parties.

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Our international strategy

Orange Content aims to be the reference point for all countries where the Group is present.

Already established in 26 countries, our ambition is to meet our customers’ entertainment needs on all screens across all our operating countries. Orange Content teams work hand in hand with countries to develop their convergence strategy (5G and fiber) along with their core business, helping to enriching our customers’ experience around the world.



In Europe

As the European leader in 4G, 5G and first European operator for fiber (FTTH or Fiber to the Home), we’re taking advantage of ever faster connectivity in the home to further develop our content distribution activities, which now encompasses more than 10 million TV customers across the continent.  




In Africa and the Middle East

In Africa and Middle East, content activities are central to our multi-service strategy along with our position as a key partner in the continent’s digital transformation.
Producing ever more local content and deploying Pay TV are key areas supporting this digital transformation.

Infography Content offers available in Europe and Africa Middle East



A committed partner in film

A long-standing partner of French and European film

Orange works closely with the French and European film industry through Orange Studio and OCS, particularly in:

  • Co-production (Orange Studio)
  • Financing (Orange Studio) – supporting more than 200 films and acquiring a catalog of 1,200 titles since 2007
  • Purchase or pre-purchase of films (OCS) – promoting French and European film production

Orange and OCS also co-sponsor some of the world’s largest film and TV festivals: the Lumière Institute and festival, the Annecy Animation Film Festival, the Deauville American Film Festival, etc.


A significant investment in the co-production of series and the creation of a new label: OCS Originals

In July 2017, we announced a €100 million investment over 5 years to co-produce and purchase a variety of ambitious TV series through our Orange Studio and OCS subsidiaries alongside renowned French, European, and international partners. This meets our objective of securing a rich and diverse supply of TV series, by strengthening our position throughout the value chain, both upstream with Orange Studio and downstream with OCS. This commitment also allows the Group to maintain distribution rights to optimize our investments made via Orange Studio.

This approach paved the way for the first OCS Originals mini-series, Name of the Rose, to be distributed via OCS in March 2019. During 2020, two new original productions joined the OCS catalog: Devils and Cheyenne & Lola. At the end of 2021, L’Opéra was exclusively distributed via OCS. Other OCS projects are in production such as Les Sentinelles, which will be released later in 2022.



OCS, unique entertainment for fans of film and TV

Over the past decade, OCS has invested 326 million in 360 films working with nearly 200 different production houses.

Investing 125 million
million in French and European film production since 2019.

The commitment to invest 60 million over 3 years in French and European film production follows the signing of a new agreement in February 2022. Along with the agreement on media chronology, this enables us to offer French, European and non-European films to subscribers on an exclusive basis 6 months after their cinema release.


  • OCS Originals series: the label for series co-produced by Orange Studio and distributed via OCS
  • OCS on demand: available 30 days after their first broadcast, as well as continuous access to the HBO catalog
  • Documentaries and current affairs programs about film and TV
  • Exclusive film premieres just 6 months after their cinema release
  • New series less than 24 hours after their broadcast in the United States
  • New HBO series, plus all exclusive HBO movies and series
  • OCS Signature series, the label for original and daring French series, produced by OCS



Orange Studio, the Group’s film subsidiary

Dedicated to the co-production, acquisition, distribution and international sale of films and series, Orange Studio was created in 2007. Since then, it has continued to strengthen its commitment to film production through:

  • Production of French films, ranging from art-house films screened at festivals around the world to popular comedies (around 200 films co-produced, distributed or sold in France and/or internationally since the studio launched in 2007)
  • A catalog of 1,200 film titles sold in France and abroad, which we co-produced or hold the rights to

Recently, Orange Studio has co-produced: The Father directed by Florian Zeller (2 Oscars 2021), Mascarade and La Belle Époque directed by Nicolas Bedos, Hidden Life directed by Terrence Malick, and Cuban Network directed by Olivier Assayas. These films have not only proved popular among viewers, but they have also won awards at numerous festivals and prestigious awards ceremonies. This programming underlines our ambition to bring powerful and varied subjects to the screen:

  • Drama: 16 Years directed by Philippe Lioret and The Son directed by Florian Zeller
  • Dramatic comedy/tragedy: C’est magnifique! directed by Clovis Cornillac, The Gravedigger’s Wife directed by Khadar Ayderus Ahmed and Last Film Show directed by Pan Nalin
  • Romantic comedy: Tender and Bleeding directed by Christopher Thompson and Waiting for Bojangles directed by Régis Roinsard


Orange Studio: an editorial policy upholding social and environmental responsibility

In the field of co-production, Orange Studio has continued to pursue a varied editorial policy, illustrating its societal and environmental commitment by offering two cinema documentaries: Above water directed by Aïssa Maïga and Animal directed by Cyril Dion, both high-impact films which aim to bring today’s major ecological issues to life.


15 films distributed in cinemas each year

More than 850 films and 770 audiovisual productions.

More than 200 films in 15 years, 13 films
ed in 2020

3 prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, 7 Oscars, 22 César