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Published on 23 April 2020

Are you immune to fake news?

Fake news has permeated society for several years. But since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, it has spread like wildfire among social networks and media outlets. It’s another type of virus that should be taken seriously at a time when it’s essential to access verified information. Informed or intoxicated about Covid-19: which are you? Take the test!


Chose the symbol next to the statement that applies most to you.

In your opinion, how many internet users around the world declare they have fallen victim to fake news*?  

A survey carried out by Ipsos for the Centre for International Governance Innovation in 2019








Has it happened to you?

    Yes, but I usually notice!


    Yes, but a long time ago. Now I double check everything!


    No idea. But I don’t think so…



Fake news isn’t so bad…

    It depends on the subject. When it comes to Covid-19 you have to be particularly careful.


    It’s always serious. Fake news intends to cause harm (versus a joke for example).


    It’s just false information, whatever…



Since the beginning of the crisis, how have you kept up to date?

    I have selected several sources of information which I believe to be reliable and which I check regularly.


    I only read official sites and recognised media, at spaced intervals, and I cross check the information.


    I read most of my news via social media and messaging groups.



When you receive information about Covid-19 from a friend what do you do?

    I exercise caution, verify information and rarely share it.


    I don’t read it, as I choose my sources carefully. My loved ones know this so don’t send me anything.


    I pass everything on to friends in case they find it interesting or helpful, even if I haven’t read it first.



Web giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft published a joint declaration on 16 March 2020 to fight fake news, what do you think about it?

    That’s great. It’s going in the right direction, but I’ll remain vigilant.


    I’m sceptical, it doesn’t change anything for me.


    Weren’t they already doing it?



I receive a message from a loved one containing “advice from a doctor friend” or “a friend working in government”…

    I always question where it comes from and do they have official sources of information to corroborate the information – I’m wary of pseudo authority.


    Fake news! I issue an alert and report it.


    I share it. I trust them.



Faced with the resurgence of fake news during the crisis you feel:

    Not surprised but twice as careful.


    Indignant but well armed, and committed to fighting it.


    Not really bothered.



Find out your data type along with our accompanying advice

Immune, exposed or vaccinated: what is your level of resistance to fake news?