Solidarité Covid-19 : 4 réponses de start-up à la crise

Published on 16 April 2020

COVID-19 solidarity: 4 start-ups responding to the crisis

While all business sectors are affected by the current health crisis, this unprecedented situation requires suitable new solutions. Four start-ups supported by Orange have redoubled their efforts to make life easier for individuals and businesses. Full interviews are available on the Orange start-up site.


#1 Omnilive

A home school environment where you still feel you’re in a classroom? It’s possible! Cyril Zajac, the founder of ’Omnilive, presents the benefits of his interactive video streaming solution, which enables teachers to carry on helping school and university students remotely.

#2 OGO Security

“Hackers may be quarantined but it doesn’t stop them from malicious behaviour, on the contrary!” says Olivier Arous, cofounder and CEO of OGO Security. This start-up is offering a website protection solution to help businesses come through this crisis period.

#3 Apizee

Teleworking and teleconsultations have both increased considerably since the start of the lockdown period. To meet the growing need for remote communication, Apizee is offering its videoconferencing solution to users free of charge. “This is an opportunity to experiment with new working methods and remove all obstacles to use thanks to the development of user-friendly tools,” explains Apizee’s CEO Michel L’Hostis.

#4 Phenix

Lockdown measures have led to the closure of staff canteens, restaurants and catering businesses, and resulted in an over-supply of food products. Clément Carreau, head of public relations at Phenix, explains more about how the start-up is pursuing its mission to redistribute unsold goods and combat waste.